Are females taking advantage of the 'men are not allowed to hit women unless a situation where a life is at risk' rule ?

Asked by: Anti-femminist
  • Very much, they do not accept being treated with the same shame and legality as men for many things.

    Of course they are, very obvious double standard and its completely ignored. I've seen women slap men many times but never once has anything been done to them from a legal stand point.
    Women will use the excuse that, "I'm a women, I cant hurt" but then they always state they are just as physically able as men to do physical jobs. They hold the biggest double standard of the 20 century and actually believe themselves.

    Posted by: zoo
  • In A Way, Yes

    Women do tend to take advantage of men not hitting women. If you support total equality between the sexes, then wouldn't you logically be in support of equal treatment? Simply put, if you believe the sexes should be equal, then a man hitting a woman is the same as a woman hitting a man. So either you accept that men and women are distinctly different, or you believe that they are equal, and should be held to every same standard.

  • Of course thay are !

    As I was searching on the internet about domestic abuse I noticed that webpages mostly consist of domestic abuse against women . I looked on a website that explained that a man should never hit a woman unless their life is at risk. This made me a little annoyed, since if this is completely not fair. I digged deeper into the internet to find if more people were agreeing with this and mostly everybody agreed. I then watched a video on youtube. It was a man male and a female fighting. The female was repeatedly slapping this man and he just stood there taking it. I feel that this wasn't justice and that the woman thought that she would get away with it. The male then proceeded to take this pain and eventually walked away. I feel that this was a good example of a female taking advantage of the male.

  • The no hit women rule doesn't mean that men have to sit and take all the hits

    Men are generally stronger than women, they don't have to sit there and take it all. They can push the women off and run. Or they can stop the women from hitting them by grabbing their arms and holding them in place. Instead of hitting women and becoming cowards, they can use their strength to stop the hits.

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