• Feminism is destroying formation of new families!

    I have a friend on the Los Angeles vice squad. He tells me that the price of a Hollywood hooker has increased by 15% over the last year. He states that the cause for the price increase is demand. Demand is increasing, So are prices. I have another friend who is the CFO of a large dinner restaurant chain. He says the number of reservations for first dates has declined 18% over the last year.

    Kids at school, College sophomores and juniors tell me that they refrain from complimenting pretty girls and refuse to flirt. They want good careers and unfounded accusations scare them.

    By themselves these three events mean nothing. But taken together they depict a growing major problem. We all got here because our parents flirted. Every one of us.

    The recent feminist movement is not the same as it was in 1970. The recent one us not uplifting all of us. It is not uplifting anyone. Male biology cannot be changed. The urge to sexually propagate is one of the two strongest urges men ever have. Since the biology cannot and will not be changed, Male sexuality will be expressed in non traditional ways.

    I think very few women believe they would be better of without any men. Of course, There are always a contingent of over-the-top zealots, But their number is really very small. However, The change to our culture has already started impacting family formation. This is not healthy for our nation, Our women, Or our men.

    The reduction in flirting, Romance, First dates results in a reduction in family formation. This is not good.

    Even women's biology is being attacked. Women have a need to be sexually attractive to men. Men have a need to pursue women. Yet, When men learn that their pursuit could result in the destruction of their livelihood in the future, They know immediately it is preferable to hire a hooker than ask a pretty girl for a date.

    This is worse than false claims of racism for our nation.

  • Feminism is illogical.

    Don't sexualize yourself then get upset when you've succeeded. Don't opine that men are privileged then claim every privilege you can think of because you're "empowered. " Don't fucking expect me to step in on you being harassed or degraded for any way if you're wanting to be looked at as equal, I never expected the same from any woman in my 30 years.

  • Because it is

    Feminism is killing America because it is targeting men in a negative way by using "facts" that have been disproved countless times, Yet still that claim you are wrong. Women, Don't have it bad as they say, They are skewing everything to make it into their own. Feminism is the modern age terrorism in America.

  • All hyperbole and metaphor aside, what passes for “radical feminism” is fascism.

    It promotes chauvinism, censorship, maternalism, pseudo-anthropology, scapegoating, mystical identification with nature, tricked-up pseudo-pagan religiosity, enforced uniformity of thought and even appearance (in some quarters, Hera help the ectomorphic or “feminine” feminist!). Fascist ideology always incongruously asserts to its audience, its chosen people, that they are at one and the same time oppressed and superior. Men (only) “have created the nature-destroying and woman-hating culture.” If so, then either women have contributed absolutely nothing to culture, or there is something more or something else to this culture than destroying nature and hating women. Radical feminism (no point disputing title to the phrase with its present owners), then, is a ludicrous, hate-filled, authoritarian, sexist, dogmatic construct which revolutionaries accord an unmerited legitimacy by taking it seriously at all. It is time to stop matronizing these terrorists of the trivial and hold them responsible for preaching genocidal jive and practicing every evil (even, if the truth be told, rape!) they insist has been inflicted on them (or rather, as it usually turns out, on some other suppositious “sister”: the typical radical feminist has it pretty good). How to thwart femino-fascism? That’s easy: just take feminists at face value and treat them as equals... Then hear them howl! The Empress has no clothes... And that’s what I call obscene.

  • Feminism killed society.

    I believe that feminism killed society.

    What pushes you in your life NOT to do something?
    Is it your past? Your morals? Your ethics? Your religion? Your upbringing?

    I believe America has been destroyed because of the simple fact that our society lacks a healthy balance. Without a strong moral and ethical foundation, what compels a person to stay on the straight and narrow?

    Back in the day, as they say, a woman was at home teaching the children values and religion - setting an example to be a good citizen. Now, children are dependent upon a different caregiver every year to teach them right from wrong because Mom and Dad don’t come home until after 5 or 6 and kids go to bed by 7 or 8.

    Minimal time with a CONSISTENT parental figure is a DIRECT example as to why our children, the future generations are losing their sense of guidance. Teenagers claiming to be every sort of sex LGBTQRSTU??? And they HAVE NOT EVEN GONE THROUGH PUBERTY. Mentally, a child NEEDS to have someone at home. I believe there is a solution to this problem, as a country - unfortunately most will see it as a step towards regression as opposed to progression.

    I believe feminism killed America. Forcing both parents to work, minimal maternity leave, only to come home exhausted and unable to raise children effectively. What have we come to? Breeding just to send them off to a school that teaches them whatever they please because bottom-line WE wouldn’t know.

    America needs to rethink balance. Incorporate VALUES, MORALS, ETHICS, RELIGION back into the home. I strongly believe that. If feminists hadn’t pushed so hard to force EVERYONE to be a slave - we wouldn’t have this problem. Why work a 40+ hour a week job for the rest of your life just to die? Oh wait, because the men can do it so we should have to too.

    The whole thing gets my blood boiling.

  • Was fired by one.

    I am a CPA who completed school in effectively 4 years (took semester off). I continued to pass all of my professional examinations in about 8 months. The scores I received were some of the best in that I know of with a 97 (yet to meet another person with that score) on my Audit exam (the profession I was employed in).

    This past March I was fired by a woman who accused me of talking to a female controller in front of the bathroom. Granted, the bathroom was between the conference room and the her office, and was a uni-sex bathroom with the door closed. She did not seem to notice that we were communicating in front of a laptop placed on top of a file cabinet purposed for placing a laptop on.

    This was after Oprah Winfrey's Oscar speech bashing our President, Trump (don't love him, don't hate him).

    The experience makes me never want to go work for someone again. I was a hard and willing worker, but If women are given the right to behave that way, men should just go form their own economy. I know there are reasonable women out there, however, I believe the vindictive population is much larger that we know.

    I am quite frankly worried about the country, it is hard enough to accomplish necessary tasks as a country with the whole world watching. If we begin to tear each other apart from the inside out, we don't stand a chance.

  • White lesbos and black bull daggers together the new twosome.

    There spreading hate and con-game racism on men while being in some conspired hate relationship (ww & BW) and then playing men against each other . The White women seems to look at the black bull-dagger as her man now and gives her all the power and the black bull-dagger than gives the power to thugs and Mexicans men because their just using the wht thirsty lesbos..And there screwing society up by spoiling a horrible and bi-polar black bull-dagger..

  • White lesbos and black bull daggers together the new twosome.

    There spreading hate and con-game racism on men while being in some conspired hate relationship (ww & BW) and then playing men against each other . The White women seems to look at the black bull-dagger as her man now and gives her all the power and the black bull-dagger than gives the power to thugs and Mexicans men because their just using the wht thirsty lesbos..And there screwing society up by spoiling a horrible and bi-polar black bull-dagger..

  • Stand for men!

    Feminism is one of the most hypocritical movements in American history. Take their response to the sexual harassment instances. Rather than realizing that rapists know they're breaking the law when they commit these crimes (hence why they force silence) and that groping is completely difference from rape, they force the idea that men have been "raping" women by talking about how hot they are, when this is a perfectly normal occurrence during adolescence and young adulthood.
    Feminists say that they stand for gender equality, but really they're just trying to get people to believe that men are the scum of the earth.
    If this movement continues, I'd wish I would have been born 30 years ago, back when women didn't care about these things as much, because the situation then is the same as it is now.

  • It tears apart the sexes

    Men like women and women like themselves because of their femininity but without masculinity there is no reason for women to like men nor men to like themselves thus creating the rape society that they complain so much about not to mention the high rate of male suicides. And you also get tons of druggies, couch potatoes, men with anger issues, etc. etc. etc.

  • The pendulum effect

    Feminism is an excuse for unhappy women who never got the opportunity to latch a wealthy man in their youth. This lack of opportunity causes real adverse effects on a woman psyche causing bitterness and resentment towards all men. Wallowing in sadness, the feminist will use every tactic(Crying, Sexual Harrassment, skimpy clothing,) to try and sucker a man out of his position at work, or worse...Jail. You will notice very few ATTRACTIVE women vocalize an extreme opinion about pro feminism. Feminism is a immature movement that was not very well thought out and now destroys the masculine/feminine chemistry needed to stay healthy physically, emotionally, socially, mentally, and spiritually.

  • No, they have a right to their opinions

    All people have the same basic rights, or at least should according to the law of the land. Women were oppressed for quite some time and are now simply ensuring that the rights that they do have are not going to be further infringed upon. The feminist movement is no different than any other pro-social movement that is currently going on.

  • Feminists Helping Women Have a Voice

    Feminists are not destroying America. They are helping and have helped millions of American women to have the same opportunities as men in education, voting, employment, and even athletics. Feminists have paved the way for women such as former Secretaries of State Condoleeza Rice and Hilary Clinton and former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. These women, in turn, inspire a new generation of American women.

  • Not destroying America

    They are not destroying America, but they are very annoying. They preach that they want equality and want to improve society. However, I feel that they feel entitled to everything and actually create a new perception for females. In some aspects, I feel that they are doing more harm than good for America. They are no way destroying America though.

  • Feminists Are Helping America

    Feminists are not destroying America, as they are helping improve the country. Gender inequality still exists, whether it's in the form of the corporate glass ceiling or in pay inequality, among other things. Sure, women have made great strides in the last 100 years, but true equality is not there, yet.

    Posted by: rpr

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