• Feminists are entitled

    I have yet to meet a feminist who was not a Karen. I've met some who would scoff if you called them a Karen because of their own sense of self-roghteousness but I have never met a nice or respectful feminist. Feminism should be abolished. It stops women from being women and from realizing their boundaries.

  • Not Necessarily.

    That's like saying all Americans are from Florida.
    So surprisingly, No.
    (Even though the rest of the world views the USA like it's basically Florida lol)

    But seriously, Not all feminists are Karens.
    It's true since there are feminist members out there that don't act like Karens at all.
    Shocking, I know.

  • Feminism is a set of social/political movements. "Karen" is a personality.

    To begin with, Feminism as a whole is fractured and varied enough to barely even be considered a unanimous movement. Rather, There are many schools of thought that are united under women's rights. That's it.
    Perhaps you could encounter a "Karen" at some point who happens to be a feminist, But given how varied the viewpoints and backgrounds of different feminists, It seems (at best) silly to say that everyone who supports women's rights is automatically a "Karen".
    Moreover, I don't think it's a stretch to note that the "Karen" is descriptive of personality. Feminism really does not have anything to do with personality, But stances on society and politics. Equating the two is a form of false equivalence. I do, However, Think that it would be worth noting any automatic "Karen" label that people might smack onto feminism as more to do with being dismissive of what feminism as a concept, Rather than anything that feminists have to say.

  • Although i can see the confusion there is a difference

    Karen is a pejorative term used in the United States and other English-speaking countries for a woman perceived as entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is appropriate or necessary.
    Feminists do demand a lot of things however they are only fighting for what they are already entitled to (Women's equality) and should be receiving currently.

  • No. That is like saying all Americans are racist.

    We see a lot of feminists that say men are the worse or say disgusting things about men but that's because the media seems to focus on sexist feminists more than just feminists. Normal feminists are just the supporters of equality and of course, Want to be equal to men but a lot of them take it too far and create a bad picture for normal feminists as a whole.

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