• Equality is here

    We have equal pay and equal rights, and are not discriminated against because if gender. 3rd wave feminists need to shut the fuck up. We have everything we need today. Feminism is dead. We have equal rights entirely. So feminists, do us a favor, and please shut the fuck up.

  • No Longer Needed

    Feminism was once very appropriate for women in the Western world (note how I didn't say Middle East, West/East Asia, etc.). Today women have the right to go to school hold jobs, abort babies, file for divorce, own property you name it. To be honest modern feminism is more sexist than anything else.

  • The issue is no longer about women, or even men, it's about identity.

    I am forever thankful for feminists throughout history who have battled for women's rights, because we all are witness to the wonderful fruits of their labor today.

    However we still have many problems, particularly social (not legal) problems between the sexes that can't be solved by any form of legislation or authority. These problems all have a common root: identifying one-self as male or female, and creating a meaning behind male and female in the first place. Men should not be pressured to withhold their emotions and personal expression for the sake of some stupid macho idea of what it is to be a man. Women should not feel boxed in to be support roles for men, feel empowered to be independent, and should be free to look however they want and express their sexuality as openly or conservatively as they want. It is no longer one sex oppressing the other. The only oppressor is the self, because we enslave ourselves to the perceptions of others. Men and women are both equal victims. No one needs to march for equality, we have it. We all need to march for freedom, individuality, and the appreciation of the beauty everyone has underneath all the psychological clothes society has placed them in.

  • Feminists are no longer needed

    The feminist movement has led to huge advances in equality for women in the US (and around the world); while first wave feminism assured legal equality for women, second wave feminism fought for social equality, both to the betterment of all. After accomplishing its goals, feminism has largely shifted into a movement advocating for women - rather than equality. Any movement, however good-intentioned, seeking the advancement of one group only, isn't productive on the whole. True societal equality involves changes on a personal, household level that has to be grown over time, rather than advocated for in Washington.

  • Women are still suffering at the hands of inequality by men

    Women suffer through small battles daily. Although women's rights have come a long way since the early 1900s, i am disappointed to say that women and men are still not completely equal. Women more often than not receive lower pay than men do. Women are subject to more stereotypes and are often objectified in ways such as catcalling and disbelief in the ideas of consent

  • No, vigilance is still imporant.

    No, feminists are not no longer needed, because there are still some sexist men out there, and constant vigilance for women's rights is still important. Society has come a long ways, but there will still be sexism that persists. Feminists are still necessary to help women with the occasional sexism and discrimination that they face.

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