• Feminists are out of touch with reality.

    I have tried my best to engage staunch feminists in rational discourse, only to have been out talked with a wall of misconstrued "facts" derived from feminist blogs, written with the exact same pretenses of professional victimhood and misinformation. Feminists will argue that it is for equality, and while it is agreeable, they adamantly refuse to even acknowledge that men are suffering from issues as well, and that feminism alone cannot solve everyone's problems.

    Yet, for reasons yet known, feminists do not listen to reason. I am starting to believe this once noble movement has devolved into a viral plague of sexism against men, a pseudo-religious ideology, and a cross-gendered cult of feminine supremacists.

  • Read the article.

    Women are going to far with feminism. Throughout the years, when women fought for rights to vote and to not be property, was alright. Now, to think they are better than men and such is idiotic. Feminism, today, is really not needed, for women have gotten their rights and such, now the are just "milking it for more".

  • Feminists have a Victim Mentality

    The lack of personal accountability than many feminist women possess is astounding. They also do not point out where women have faced benefits historically- men primarily providing and protecting them. They also say, "well women couldn't vote!" Well, only rich white men could in the past and voting was part of a family unit anyway. When women protested for the vote, however, they got it, let's move on.

    I also think it's horrible that feminists rewrite history in ways that demonize men. They subtly give men the bad characteristics, and women the good characteristics. The wage gap is a myth as is the "1 in 4" rape statistic. Another thing that feminists point out is that there is an underrepresentation of women in politics. Women are not choosing to go into politics, that is the reason. There is no law banning women from attempting to enter politics!

    I am all for equal rights, so someone might think, "why is this person not a feminist?" Well, that's really simple: feminists' actions and rhetoric do not promote the idea of equality even if the dictionary definition does.

  • Feminism Doesn't Make Sense

    What rights are men given that women are not given under the law of the U.S.A.? Barely any. If women wanted to become "more equal" under the law, they should be given the same military fitness exam, only a 50% chance of winning child custody, and having to be drafted during wartime.
    Now for all the feminists out there arguing that it is their social rights being corrupted, that makes no sense. You can pull up a bunch of incorrect statistics such as women earning less wages (for which the people who made such statistics admitted to not accounting for number of hours worked) and the rape statistic (for which it did not show how many still dated the "rapists" after the rape"), however society condemns pretty much all (I can't think of any otherwise) of those acts. You say we live in a patriarchal society where women get raped, does society cheer on rapists and pat them on the back? You say women don't get to fight on the front lines during war (do you really want to?), now the law has changed and you can fight in the front lines. Economically, there are more female CEOs than male CEOs.
    In America, there is no such thing as feminism because equal rights (legally because those are the only ones that can be enforced) already exist. You want feminism? Take it to the Middle East, Africa, or maybe even Asia and you can go complain there. But if you're living in the U.S.A., stop whining about guys looking at you in public because that's perfectly legal and maybe they might even be your friend, future spouse, etc. instead of scaring them away with your screams of "rapists" every time a guy turns his head.

  • Feminists think they are better, not equal

    1. There are plenty of women's only scholarships, but hardly any men's only scholarships.
    2. Women get shorter prison sentences than men.
    3. Women have all the same rights but have less responsibility (ex. Women aren't drafted but they can vote).
    4. When a woman rapes a man (yes it happens) it is never taken seriously.
    5. When men try to voice their opinions regarding this issue, they are labeled "women haters".
    6. Girls get more attention in school than guys (I'm a high school student, and teachers always seem to support girls, especially when I was in elementary school).
    7. Fangirls can be open about themselves, while fanboys are forced to be quiet lest they be labeled as a pervert or social outcast.
    8. Feminists automatically assume all men are sexual deviants who only hurt women (which is obviously false).
    9. Women can express their emotions openly and get support, but men are expected to bottle up their feelings. For example, women report more depression, but men have higher suicide rates.
    I thought feminism was equality between men and women, not women superiority. And I hate it when feminists use history to justify their beliefs. Just because women were treated worse than men in the past doesn't mean they can be treated better in the present!

  • Feminism is not feminism anymore.

    Modern feminists are now practicing what would be considered MISANDRY; prejudice and or hate against boys/men.

    Now, instead of equal rights, the want to OVERPOWER men. That is NOT what feminism is. Modern feminism is a double standard at its finest. They want what they're fighting against. It's a huge contradiction.

    Long ago, women believed the grass was greener and wanted to have a taste of the "real world." Yeah? Well, studies show that ever since this "feminism movement" happened, women have become SIGNIFICANTLY less happy. Men are happier as a whole, and women have progressively become worse. Is the grass REALLY greener?

    They also have a victim mentality. If a man even LOOKS at a woman, he should be jailed for life or sentenced to death. I'm being hyperbolic here, but you get my point.

    So, on one hand, feminists are so fragile and weak that they cannot handle a man looking at them. But, on the other hand, they want to be treated as the highest power in this society. Such hypocrisy!

  • Modern third-wave feminists, but not all feminists.

    Men nowadays don't trust women as much, simply due to the fact that feminism has this effect on society that "women are always better and you should never go against that".
    I have many feminist friends and they are not the type that are the 'man-haters', and yes, feminism is important because there are girls out there who need education, proper treatment, etc. But personally I think you should call yourself a humanitarian or something because since when was the word 'feminist' hint of equality in any way?
    However many women turn this into an opportunity, because lets face it, we all want the good to come to us. "Lets turn all men into rapists, and lets ignore every issue the men have, and there we go, a PERFECTLY equal society!"

  • It's sexism at its best

    I'm not against equality. In my country, I always went out in marches to ask for equality. But modern feminism, switched from standing against men's supremacy, to asking for women's supremacy. Attitudes like "don't hit me, you abusing me by doing so, but when i do it's standing for myself." became extremly popular. In my country, some extremists asked for considering looking at a girl as rape. Also needless to talk about how they think, somehow like Valerie Solanas, who supported a gendercide, considered as a hero in Feministing

    So basically, as in every domain, feminism became radical and extreme, the thing that makes me fell disgusted.

  • Unfortunately ... Yes

    Unfortunately feminism today has been polluted with extremists, and like everyone knows extremism in anything is a bad thing. They have changed the worlds opinion on what feminism really wanted. This isnt the case for all feminists but, some have strayed from the ideas of egalitarianism, the ultimate goal for feminism.

  • Is this really feminism?

    Seems to me this "3rd" wave...Is all about hate. If you do not share the exact same views, you are shouted down and branded a "sexist".
    Take a look at pretty much any campus in America, something is very, very wrong.
    What frightens me the most is in about 20 years these "feminists" will be in positions of power in many sectors...Including government

  • Feminism Is Needed

    I'd like to say now that all of you, on the "no" side, are probably uneducated on feminism.
    the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.
    The things you are listing are all things that neglect men and gives a woman an advantage. The whole point of feminism, as listed above, is to make everyone equal. Feminism spreads so far beyond the US, women are being sold like property in other countries as we speak. The fact that women make 78 cents to every mans dollar in the US is wrong. And if you think that is right, please get a brain. Some of the things being listed, such as
    female prison sentences are shorter
    men getting raped not noticed
    women being able to express emotions openly

    are all the reasons we all need feminism. Because men can't express their feelings, and because women are getting paid less, is why we need to be equal. It's why we do need feminism.

  • Those People Aren't Feminists

    The people who take feminism so far as to say that they hate men, or think that all people are rapists, or other countless idiotic things, ARE NOT FEMINISTS. The feminists in the crowd are the ones fighting for equal rights, because however you argue it, men and women are NOT equal. But aside from that, the people who fight to rid men from every position of power, or vote for a woman just because she's a woman, are not feminists. True feminists take every fact into account, and try to form a logical opinion that supports equality as a whole. So the people ruining feminism are not actually feminists, but merely fake feminists or people who have the wrong idea of what feminism truly is.

  • Feminists are the soul of feminism!

    Feminists aren't ruining feminism, they are the soul of feminism. Feminism isn't about being better, it's about being equal, and feminists promote that idea. If someone promotes the "women are better" or "one gender is superior" idea, they aren't considered feminists. Feminism isn't just for women, though, feminism includes men's rights as well. If a girl were to say that girls are the best to a boy, it's sexist. Same as if a boy said that to a boy. So, no, feminists aren't ruining feminism, it's the self-proclaimed "feminists" who consider women superior.

  • Feminism is misunderstood

    Feminism is not really bad. Truly, it is defined as a movement to gain women better rights and social equality and status. For millennia, women have been denounced, treated like inanimate trophies, scorned, hated just to say a few. Now men, put yourself in that position. Wouldn't you want more rights, equality and freedom? It makes sense, doesn't it? You need to be emphatic (putting yourself in other's shoes), and then think about the result that your brain produces.

  • "Feminists who stand for feminism hurt it." This needs to be rephrased.

    Hmm, let me just reword this statement. Feminists who are uneducated hurt feminism, the one's who don't research, over assume and insult the other side are to blame for reasons why 81% vote yes and 19% say no. The point of feminism is to increase awareness about women's rights to stand for equality, politically, socially and economically.
    For example,
    Women make 75cents less than the average man. THAT IS UNEQUAL. One reason for that is because women are not taking masculine jobs, when they should but some women (not all) are afraid to go against the average because of what families tell them and what people stereotype. Men and women in the same job, who hold the same position, who are hired at the same time, show a difference in pay where men are paid more. Feminists should be increasing the awareness of that inequalities economically that exist which is why we still need it.
    By stating we do not need feminism means women are okay with being paid less than men. Anti-feminists or egalitarians (who stand for equality but chose not to say feminist when they hold similar beliefs) who say" we don't need feminism" are okay with having a broken court system where rape is the woman's fault because she is sexually active, drink alcohol, dresses sexy or has a sexual preference in partners.
    Go on tumblr and look at "why we don't need feminism" assess some of the logical of this generation. Then compare it to why we need feminism. Both sides are flawed, however uneducated feminists need clarity, logical facts and truth and ethics to debate.

  • Feminism is great, radicals aren't

    Feminism is great, this society needs it. Women and men SHOULD be equals, both legally and socially. The problem is there is a branch of feminism that likes to shame anyone that does not have the same ideals. This branch is called "Radical Feminism". Pointing fingers and shaming men does not fix women being treated equal. You could argue that in fact this branch is ruining the fundamentals and character of feminism as a whole, to receive just with as much respect as men do. Why should we have to tear down someone else to boost ourselves up? It completely ruins the motivation of feminism. Everyone is entitled to their own bodies and opinions. But seeing women make bread from the yeast of her vagina to prove she can "feed the world" seems to reaching too far. Don't tear down someones ideas to feed your own.

  • But mainstream feminism is...

    Mainstream feminism has gotten a little out of hand, and I can see where many arguments against feminism are stemming from. This said, I strongly wish for people to educate themselves about feminism, because I am finding many people are ready to denounce the entire movement as a result of some regrettable mainstream ideas that have become associated with it (perhaps Googling intersectional feminism is a good place to start!) There is still room for improvement in terms of equality of the genders, especially when it comes to social equality. This isn't about victimizing women or villainizing men, it is about some entrenched ideas that manifest themselves in our views, behaviour, and speech. Just as one example (because I could probably write a small novel on the subject), I often hear people point out cases where men lost custody of their children to women, when there was no "just" reason for this. No, that's not ok, but you know what? This is a feminist issue! Because this is a direct result of the societal notion that women are the nurturers, the emotional ones, and the ones who are better equipped to raise children. THIS is why we need feminism. Because gender inequality is harmful not only to women, but also to men. A true feminist is NOT a female supremacist, but thank you, mainstream media, for making it seem like it is.

  • Feminism is believing in Human Rights

    I believe in equality for all people. Feminism overall is the movement to make people aware that women are people too, and should have equal opportunity, fair treatment, and awareness of female needs and problems, like a lack of maternity leave in the workplace. Modern feminists can still have differing beliefs and opinions, but overall it is about equality and not supremacy. There is a very small amount of people who are extreme and sexist in their views who call themselves feminists, but they just give feminism a bad name. I am a male and I consider myself a feminist. Some may not agree that men can be feminists, and some do, because opinions can differ, but the overall goal is the same. We still live in a very sexist and racist society. Most of the US government is made up of white straight christian men. Feminists do not believe that being a white straight christian guy is evil, they believe that women should have equal opportunity to take part in the world and make their own choices. Men and women both face sexism and gender stereotyping, but thousands of years of history and an easy look around show that women have got it worse. No matter if you believe that women and men are born the way they are, that differences are natural, or that all of it is just the gender roles we spoon feed kids, that does not matter to basic feminism. All genders must have equal opportunity to do what they wish without stereotypes preventing them. People have free will and should be able to do what they want to.

  • I don't think so

    There are feminists out there who speak out and try to make a difference by using calm and, in a way, "normal" tactics that any activist would use. These feminists don't let feminism take over their lives like some let it do. These feminists who spend every waking moment talking about feminism and trying to shove the idea of feminism down peoples throats are creating a bad name for it. Its one thing to try to make a difference in the world but to obsess over these things wont do any good. Also, most of these feminists who talk about it so much only do that much. Sure, you talk about it on social media but do they actually get out there and try to physically make a difference? Now, im not in any way trying to bad mouth feminism because I somewhat consider myself a feminist as well. But getting back to it, feminists just need to keep trying to make a difference for womens rights EVERYWHERE but in the correct way.

    Posted by: sydm
  • Can we have sources for your claims

    You have claims that the rape statistic is false and that history is rewritten to favor women and demonize men. Every school history books that I have read state the truth in that men did not think women were smart or independent enough to vote. When Abigail Adams wrote to her husband John Adams regarding the Declaration of Independence, she asked him to include the women in their thoughts for equality. He responded that such a demand would be too much and the way things worked would not support it. Call it what you will, but that is sexist, and though things have gotten better, it is still ingrained in society. (im too lazy to look up the source but you can google letters to john adams from abigail it's one of the later ones.)

    You also claim hypocrisy from feminists but have you tried to understand where women come from? And you do realize that the male world is full of hypocrisy too? People are people, and I'm sure everybody wants equality between the sexes. The only thing feminists do differently is bring problems to light that might not be thought of otherwise.

    Feminism is also not a club. People can have feminist ideas and not consider themselves feminist. It is just an umbrella term used for the movement to identify and change the problems in society that are affecting women. Not all feminists are good people, but if someone works towards the goals of equality for the sexes, and in the case of intersectional feminism, everybody else, then they are considered to have feminist ideals.

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Kjcrow1911 says2015-05-23T16:08:30.710
As with all 'ism' to see the true dynamics of feminism needs to be observed by looking at the most oppressed. Culturally feminism can mean different things. Where one set of women strive from political equality, another may have concerns which are more economic. Feminism changes and I feel it is the privileged whom are blurring the lines, as modern Feminism is focused on topics which confuse me at time. Better still, putting down men is not equality therefore cannot be seeking equal rights but supremacy.