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  • Field trips are important

    You can learn things that you haven't seen in a classroom and see them on field trips instead. People who don't usually have a chance to see things outside of school and on field trips they can. They are also lots of fun! It allows students to really be engaged in what they learn outside of school and not in textbooks or any other books.

  • Very Very Important!

    Field trips are important for all children but especially special needs children. I was very upset when our district cut field trips due to monetary issues. Field trips help children to learn about the world and how to behave while they are out in the world. Children with learning difficulties or an autism spectrum disorder need as many of these experiences as possible because it takes longer for them to learn how to adapt. The more experiences like this they are given the better their chances for future success. They also need to learn how to behave when mommy and daddy are not around to help them.

  • Field trips are important.

    Field trips allow students to really interact and have first hand experience of the subject they are having a field trip on. Field trips allow students to get out of the classroom where information is rather limited to textbooks and in class room activities which can be changed with field trips which allow students to really engage. They are a lot of fun too!

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