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  • There's More To Appreciate

    In a book, you can marvel at an author's ability to write. That's just one thing. In a movie you can marvel at the amazing performances an actor can give, seemingly becoming their character. Then there's soundtrack, which can provide just the right touch, after that there's cinematography and editing, and many other things. Point is, good movies require more talented individuals than good books do.

  • Films give more impressions!

    Representation about life for everybody..... Because people are different) Of course books also great, but not everybody love reading books... You know, nowadays people become lazy and tedious, but each of us love watching interesting films. So we can consider that films could impact on every body's consciousness... Films better than books in terms of effectiveness and visual perception. Moreover films are helpful in the nurture of children, because we know that kids at the age between 3-5 interested in learning everything, but, generally ,they can't read books... By watching different films, they take a lot of information. The most important thing in this process is- to show them useful films which don't contain violence and other malicious data.

  • Movies have much better story telling devices.

    As I said in the headline, movies have much better story telling devices. With addition of visuals and audio, movies can tell a story, set a mood, or convey an action much more efficiently than books which are held down by only writing. Although I agree books are wonderful, movies are just much easier to enjoy.

  • Just as I enjoy watching Shakespeare's plays on the stage rather than reading them in a book. I like watching Movies.

    Very rarely is a great book turned into a movie that can stand on the same platform as the book but that also works vice versa. Who would rather watch Terminator than reading it? It comes down to what you are wanting from the experience. It also all comes down to the brilliance of the people involved, that is easier for a book because it is one person not hindered by any other and a movie has many people involved and has an increased chance of failure.
    Many people argue books are better when compared to the book based movie. Compare them separately. I for one thought the Lord of the Rings trilogy was better on screen even if they missed a few bits. Luckily I read the books after, so I enjoyed the movie more without the niggling annoyance of seeing a part of the book missed out.
    Saying films are better than books may be a bit too much but saying that they are not are equally as bad. They both offer different things. I know one thing for sure, I have never come out of the cinema thinking the film should be turned into a book but have certainly finished a book hoping it has been turned in to a film.

  • Movies leave out a lot of important details

    While it is a good idea to watch the movie adaptation of the book, the movie always change important parts resulting in the entire story being completely different. This leaves the readers disappointed as it is sometimes the best part of the book that they were looking forward to seeing a visual representation of it.
    Also, with books are a lot more descriptive allowing you to truly understand what a certain character is feeling and thinking whereas in the movie, you have to rely on how well the actor portrays this to understand.

  • I love both, but books are better.

    Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love movies. They're enjoyable to watch and fun to dissect. However, books are better. They can be as long as you please, the 'actors' (characters ;)) always perform perfectly, and they leave more room for imagination. With movies, everything is set up the way that the makers of the movie decided to set it up. It is also limited by the movie's budget. Books are not. They can be as extravagant as the author wants them to be. The characters are usually more complex and interesting due to the fact that there's more time to add backstory. The places can be as big and insane as needed, and magic is easy in books and better because it requires no animation, only imagination.

  • Films belong to the filmmakers.

    When you see a film, you are watching the visualized end result of a collaborative art project led by a talented director. You're seeing his, or her, vision. When you read a book, the words on the page may have been placed there by a gifted author, but the visions, tone and set pieces are of your own creation. For that reason, books are superior to films.

  • Books are better

    Movies lack detail that are included in books. Movies have their reasons, like a time limit, but it can be split into parts. Sometimes there is a scene that is important to the story, but movies take away a character and the important scene can’t take place. Readers tend to get mad when a whole character gets taken away, and if the book is in a series, it just ruins all the movies. For example, in the movie Catching Fire, it misses out on Bonnie and Twill, which lead up to the revolution in district thirteen. People should read books, because it makes more sense, and has more detail.
    In books you get to know characters better by reading their thoughts. This is another thing that movies lack. They can have a thought shot where you can hear their thoughts, but most people think it is awkward.
    Also, books leave a lot more to your imagination. According to debate.Org books let you imagine what characters are wearing, there facial expressions, etc., and with movies you're stuck with what the actors are doing. With books you can make the story your own, but with movies the story is the same for everyone.

  • You must not read books.

    Let me start off by asking how many of you who said "yes", read books on a daily basis? I would guess very few of you. Movies are easier and shorter yes, but books have depth. They have much more emotion and stimulate those emotions (most of the time) more effectively.

    Books are much more personal and give the nitty gritty details that are, most of the time, extremely necessary in telling a great story. How many times are movies terrible or sub par, but the book is amazing? I would argue more times than none. How many times is the movie better than the book? Very rarely. One of my favorite things about books, it that it allows you to create your own world and imagination of the characters/settings. I am a HUGE movie-goer and love the magic of cinema, but most of the movies just don't do the book justice.

  • Not At All

    A book is more descriptive and more intimate. In a book, you are allowed unlimited time and space to create an entire world and new people. A movie can't capture the thoughts of characters or everything that make a book what it is because they have limitations and have to put in things that would make it sell to cover production costs.

  • Books are far more personal and intimate.

    Books explain the a story and leaves you with the tools to re create it in your way.

    You engage in a book far more then a movie.

    Books share the story from a singular point of view and not shaped by public review groups or producers.

    Books makes the mind follow and think about the words, while a movie just shows it to you.

    I love both types so much but I would rather cuddle up with my copy of the Illiad then watch a movie.

  • Nothing is better than Holy Scriptures.

    No, I won't say films are better than book, because knowledge is most found on books, the movies just came to ease the things, but instead movies I prefer to read books, but it does not mean I don't like movies. Book is better than movie in my view point, but for others maybe movie is better 'cause with it they understand better. As an example I compare the Holy Scriptures to religious films.

  • Pick up the emotion

    Books can be the most descriptive things in the world and you can imagine the story, setting, and characters any way that you want to. In books, the authors can describe the pure emotions of how a character is feeling. In films, you have no control over the depiction of anything, and you can't sense the emotion that you could if you were to read a book.

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lazydebater says2015-10-28T02:55:01.637
You can't mark them like that. Reading a book first, then watching the movie, you will be generally let down by lack of detail, but.... Watching a movie first, liking things about it, you will enjoy reading the book after as you will have so much content.
So movie first, book after, thumbs up! Book first, movie/series after thumbs down.