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  • Flter bubbles help keep people entertained.

    Filter bubbles are helpful as long as they're controlled. People are at their best when they are happy. Filter bubbles help keep people focused on the good things in life instead of constantly worrying about what cannot be changed or about serious issues going on around them. Filter bubbles provide comic relief as well.

  • Saves time for end user

    This method of providing information to the end user by tracking and categorizing their past searches and clicks is overall a time saving measure. Although some might feel this is some how a attempt to spy and or determine an individuals course of action he overwhelming majority of people will find this useful in their day to day lives.

  • It's a good algorithm.

    Yes, I think that filter bubbles are helpful as long as they're controlled, because they make decisions based on the activity of the user. They are helpful because they can target, based on past behavior, what the person wants to see and not see. Since we use the internet to find information, I think it is a helpful way to provide content.

  • Yes, filter bubbles can be helpful.

    It is certainly true that filter bubbles can be helpful. They are obviously helpful to website operators (or else they would not implement them). If the question is whether or not filter bubbles are helpful to website users, the answer is maybe. It can be quite convenient to have relevant material delivered to you without the need to hunt for it. However, filter bubbles that deliver information that hits too close to home (for instance, if Google seemed to know about your student loan debt and delivered debt consolidation results without you searching for them) can create some discomfort.

  • Yes, filter bubbles are helpful as long as they're controlled.

    I definitely think that filter bubbles are helpful as long as they're controlled. I think that filter bubbles help some people see some products and things they're more interested in buying. I also think that it's an efficient way for companies to be able to sell their products. I just think there needs to be some limits.

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