Are financial institutions in the United States not sufficiently regulated?

  • U.S. financial instituations are a disgrace.

    Financial institutions are in no way sufficiently regulated in our country, United States. Glass-Stegall was repealed, Dodd-Frank does not do enough, and another bubble will burst in the near future. Through all the bailouts, and all the credit breaches, these companies still make billions in profit while screwing the hard American worker. Very few every see jail time for massive crimes against society, and most of them dodge taxes in one way or another too. There needs to be hardcore regulations and serious penalties for those who violate them.

  • manage the crisis

    First, measures taken to manage the crisis to date have actually made the
    prevention of future crises more difficult. Second, the continuing
    active debate over virtually every aspect of the new regulatory
    guidelines indicates that the analytical foundations of what is being
    proposed remain highly contestable. Third, implementation of the new
    proposals could suffer from different practices across regions.
    Looking forward, the financial sector will undoubtedly continue to innovate in
    response to competitive pressures and in an attempt to circumvent
    whatever regulations do come into effect. If we view the financial
    sector as a complex adaptive system, continuous innovation would only be
    expected. This perspective also provides a number of insights as to how
    regulators should respond in turn.

  • They are too regulated.

    No, financial institutions in the United States are not insufficiently regulated, because it is the regulatory system that resulted in the recession in the first place. The financial institutions were called racist, and they were forced into making loans that they should not have given. We should allow the banks to make their own decisions.

  • No, financial institutions are not regulated enough.

    No, it is my opinion that the banks and other financial institutions are not regulated sufficiently enough in our country. Even after the Great Repression of 2008, we still do not do enough to regulate these banks that are supposedly too big to fail. Not a single person on Wall Street went to jail or was ever convicted of any charges after that incident. Our congress and house of representatives are in the pocket of the financial institutions.

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