Are Flat Earthers literally the dumbest (there are no dumber) people on the planet?

Asked by: FuzzySquid
  • Yes and they claim to be "open"

    There is this Rob Skibob guy. They believe they are the smartest people on the planet and believe the have common sense. They tell you to buy some semi expensive Nikon camera and that you do all your measurements. Forget a cool Orion telescope with more range use a digital camera.
    Their experiments are jokes and they fail to real measurements. The math they use is basic and they like to smear the names of people who dedicated their life to study the earth. And none of them are consistent. Their design of a flat earth is different and they all vary on how it even looks like and if there even is a limit. You can teach children but these people refuse to learn and they cannot reach the truth.

  • Yes, There very well are

    If you believe that your own planet that your standing on is FLAT. . . Then I don't know what to say to you. Some people try to be polite to them, Say that they will respect people beliefs. BUT NO! These people don't deserves to use our land. We harvest resources, Travel the world, And explore space, And Flat Earthers think this is all a lie. They should be put on a Moon prison (MIB). They don't deserve to live on Earth, They don't deserve to use our land. We worked hard to shape the land as it is. They didn't do ****.

  • No they are smert

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