Are Flat Earthers the literally dumbest (you can't be dumber) people on the planet?

Asked by: FuzzySquid
  • They are so stupid

    It has been scientifically proven that the Earth is round, But these people are so dumb they can’t wrap their heads around the fact that SCIENCE PROVES THEM WRONG. I think that if science has proved something but you still can’t believe it, You are one of the dumbest people on the planet.

  • Yes. They very well are.

    They are so stupid in fact, That we should treat them differently. We spend thousands of years terminating Earth, And building magnificent structures on it. We colonized, Explored, And built. This is our world, Not those primitive apes call "Flat Earthers". They don't deserve to use out land. They should be sent to explore the Sun's surface. It should be a crime. I would rather spend trillions of dollars launching them into space so they can see our world, Than to live next to one for eternity.

    P. S. If you're head is flat and you would like to start a debate about it. . . Message me.

  • I was going to say yes but this dude deserves it.

    You believe in evolution and at the same time believe to be more evolved.
    How can you claim to be from an evolved nation if they had you?
    Better nutrition and and education is what makes other nations score better on IQ. And even then brown people will replace white people so that makes you less evolved if you are going to be extinct"

    It is just like that super racist and corrupt mayor that hates interracial marriage and is pro white. At the same time his nation of good white people is full of meth heads who barely have high school diplomas. I do not believe in white trash, But come on! You live in a land of opportunity and you suck!

    You are shooting yourselves in foot and dying by your hand and you believe you are better than other nations. 3hd world nations can be fixed but your racism is permanent.

  • They are bad, But there’s far worse.

    Some people think space itself is fake. Some people think volcanoes are fake. Some people think mountains and the stumps of ancient trees that were destroyed by super tornadoes. Some people think tornadoes are manmade. I’ve even seen a video of a man who claims to believe all orangutans are men in fake suits. Flat Earthers aren’t the brightest lot, But sadly, They are far from the dimmest.

  • Not even close.

    Race deniers are even dumber than flat earthers. Flat earthers and race deniers share a common behavior. They both deny evidence or they wiggle out of the discussion by way of semantics. You can have excuses for flat earthers the same way a North Korean native can deny other parts of the world exist due to a closed or isolated regime. But a race denier is flat out stupid. Evolution does not stop at humans. Evolution does not stop at the brain. Many people say race is skin deep. This is a similar rhetoric found in flat earthers. The fact remains that there is a subnuclei of population genetics that contrasts with different groups from the same species. You can humor a flat earther because there is a possibility they're trolling. But you cannot do the same for race deniers.

  • No, They have the right to believe what they want

    Flat earthers are human and if American they have the right to believe in what they want. They should be able to believe it with out scorn. Just like you do. Leave them alone they are just people who believe differently. HOW DARE YOU JUDGE THEM! You are the scum of the earth if you believe they are stupid for their beliefs. And that's my belief of youw

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The_Big_Fat_Nuclear_Truth says2019-08-29T19:59:12.953
They are dumb yes.
Dumbest alive? No.
Middle ground.

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