• Flat Taxes Are Bad

    Yes, flat taxes are bad. Flat taxes do not take into account that equal percentages do not equate to equal burdens on the taxpayer. For example, a 30% tax on a poor or destitute person is absolutely crippling, while the same 30% tax on a rich person does little to negatively affect his/her lifestyle.

  • Yes, Flat taxes are bad.

    I believe citizens should pay taxes based on their income. People who have a higher income should pay more than those with a lower income. The government should not take too much money from people who don 't have enough and place an economic hardship on them. People who make more have more money to spare.

  • Yes flat taxes are bad.

    While on the fact the idea of a flat tax sound fair in reality it is fundamentally unfair to taxpayers who are currently in the middle and lower brackets. While the flat tax ensures that everyone pay the rate for the middle/lower income taxpayer that payment is a higher percentage of their disposable income.

  • Flat taxes are not bad.

    People don’t like a progressive tax rate because it treats people unfairly by charging the wealthier people with more taxes. It starts making everyone more middle class and that should not be happening since people are and should be ranked by how effective they are in the social structure and society. Studies shown by the Tax Foundation have shown that the top 1% of tax payers have more taxes than the bottom 90%. Also, by moving to a flat tax could reduce the need for Internal Revenue Service. By that means, savings and investments will be much more prosperous. Many people also say that it feels more fair and would be less hassle to manage. Many people have stated that flat tax would be so much more simple and easier to manage than the current progressive taxing system. Flat tax has also been known to fuel financial growth as seen in countries like Russia, and the Baltic places.

  • Flat Tax is inherently fair

    Flat Tax does not mean equal burdens on all the taxpayers. This is true. However, the fact that the rich guy is not as hurt financially as the poor guy is not the issue here; the rich guy technically is paying more than everyone else is. He is the guy financing the system. So what's the big effing deal?

  • Flat taxes are fair.

    In America, you get what you earn. Period. If you are poor, there is no one to blame but yourself. People have come from the slums of America and moved up to the richest of the rich. Likewise, rich kids have found themselves on the streets. If you're successful, you DID build that, contrary to what our president would have you believe. If you aren't, that is your fault. Therefore, when everyone pays X% in taxes, that is completely fair. Everyone has the same percentage of their earned income. With no taxes, everyone has 100% of their income to themselves, which everyone agrees is fair. With a flat tax, that percent evenly goes down across the board. How is that, then, less fair?

  • No, flat taxes are not bad

    Flat taxes are not bad. A flat income tax would eliminate so many of the loop-holes that wealthy people use to limit the amount of taxes they pay. Flat taxes would be easier and less expensive to collect, as their would be no need for the massive IRS numbers of employees. Flat taxes would probably result in more money collected as most people would be more willing to pay something that was constructed fairly and everyone paid their share.

  • I Don't Think So

    I do not believe flat taxes are bad, I would actually prefer to the United States to move to a flat tax. I believe the reason some people don't like a flat tax is the fact that it lacks loopholes. You pay whatever the tax is and there's no way to reduce it.

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