• They are fresh.

    Yes, florals are a new trend for spring, because they always look great in the spring. In the spring, people wants a new way to express themselves. They want to wear things that are colorful. Flowers haven't been in style for a long time. They are the new trend for spring 2014, because they are fresh, colorful, and happy.

  • Spring is sprung… (FLOWERS..)

    Florals are the universal symbol for spring so I honestly don't see why it is necessary to use the words "new trend" in the debate question.. Florals and usually good, but you have to watch how you wear them and what you pair them with because depending the might be overpowering someone.. So, to answer the debate question florals are the timeless trend for spring.

  • New, from where?

    Spring is always represented by flowers, it is a trend, but it isn't new. It is been Decades since floral designs have existed, and well we really don't use it for any other station like winter. We sometimes use it for summer, but it is mostly seen with Spring. Nothing new...

  • Florals and Spring together forever

    Florals and Spring have always gone together, it is not a new trend. Spring is highly associated with things in blooms, pastel colors, and floral patterns, it's a big association of what Spring is all about. That'd be like saying are earth tones a new trend for Fall, when it has always been that way.

  • Florals Are Not New

    Florals and paisleys may be on ever dress and shirt that seems to be emerging for spring fashion, but floral patterns are far from new. Retro chic is becoming more popular in Pop culture and for anyone to call it a new fad has not looked through the past 4 decades.

  • No They Aren't

    I do not believe floral prints are a new trend for the spring. Having just gone out last weekend to shop, I saw very little in the line of floral prints. There are a few, but they are not common. Stick with neon colors this upcoming season. Floral prints are still out.

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