Are food manufacturers killing us with all of the fake ingredients in food?

Asked by: meg0713
  • Yes They Are

    No matter what kind of food we get even if it says its natural its not because of all the chemicals they add to it. For example the sprays for the crops, the antibiotics they use for the animals, the extra stuff to make it seem like its healthy even though it is not

  • Indeed- they may be.

    Anything that isn't natural is important to question and decide whether it is safe, necessary or good in general. The chemicals (not ingredients) in foods can't be exactly good for us and may in fact be the major cause of many illnesses physically/or mentally. That said, many of these may be necessary depending on where the foods are shipped/transported in order to preserve them if no natural alternative is known. The best way to maintain good health is to grow your own vegetables/fruit or buy locally. Also stick with what is the most natural foods and you won't be disappointed.

  • Yes they are

    The chemicals in foods these days are shocking with all the additives, preservatives, colours and flavours. These chemicals can cause behaviour oboes in children, ADHD, ODD, conduct problems, asthma, exsma, diabetics, skin disorders, aggressive behaviour, defiant behaviour, social problems, mood disorders, depression and an array of physical health symptoms. The should be banned.

  • 100%! And they should be banned

    Shoving anything synthetic and processed down your esophagus is bound to cause some problems. Many of these synthetic products in foods often contain key ingredients in causing a variety of food-related diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and liver scarring from a fatty liver (although not a disease its still has a negative affect on the body).

    Artificial ingredients in foods such as caramel coloring (found in soft drinks to bread) has been found to be linked to cancer by researchers across the USA. Other additives such as Azodicarbonamide- frequently used in the production of industrial foam plastic- (found in McDonalds buns and Dunkin Donuts bagels) has been linked to various cancers and asthma.

    The link below will explain other artificial additives in foods and although capitalists argue that banning artificial additives causes inconveniences for the consumer and businesses, the health benefits outweigh the cost and help fight obesity. Its time we put health before wealth because money can be easily replaced and is simply paper with ink on it, but your essential organs?? We don't have the technology to easily replace those yet.


  • It is our decision.

    We choose the food, the brand, and why we get it, for the food to be in our pantry, and why we eat it. Also if we spent a little time working out, we could balance what we take in and burn off. This all comes down to responsibility, and your decision making.

  • Still better than McDonald's

    No the food being made is not killing us or making us puke either. Of course, homemade food is better, but it's still not as disgusting as McDonald's. McDonald's is the epitome of nasty food and I would prefer a ban on that, like a ban on litering. That would do it.

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