• Yes, they are.

    Food trucks are in most cases safe. The food trucks are the same as any restaurant or fast food place you go to. The keep everything clean, work to make sure all cooking is done at proper temperatures, and so on. The risks with a food truck are about the same risks you would get anywhere else.

  • Yes food trucks are safe.

    Food trucks are safe and cost effective places to get your meals from. In most communities food trucks are inspected more often and more closely that typical fast food restaurants. Also think about it you can see almost every part and every item on a food truck. When is the last time you went back to the kitchen of McDonalds to watch your burger being cooked?.

  • Yes, generally food trucks are safe places to grab a meal.

    In most areas, food trucks serving meals are subjected to the same inspections as other fast food outlets. In fact, they often are inspected more often than their "sticks and bricks" counterparts. Also, because all areas of the truck are open to the view of the patrons, the truck operators have to take more time and care in their cleaning processes.

  • Yes, in general.

    Most food trucks are just like any fast food restaurant. They keep it pretty clean, and try to keep the customers happy so they will come back. In general, food trucks are safe. Now, there may be some food trucks that are not, but that is up to the individual person, and not the group as a whole.

  • No of course not

    Seriously. There are many people who got poisoned by the food of the food trucks. Do you seriously think it is safe? Huh? Are restaurants better, Safer, Or food trucks? You tell me. Of course restaurants! The cost of a food truck is only 600000! Which food truck guy cares about food safety? They care for money!

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