• Way overpaid very much

    I grew up in a household of sports players. Most people say they "earn" their pay. What a bunch of crap. How do they "earn" their pay? They don't do anything worth the millions of dollars, just chase a ball. I think the military deserves it the most. Sports players get hurt they recover, military DIE, police die. I dont understand when you say they earn it. In my opinion no they don't. Most never graduate, they spend their money on drugs and prostitutes. Still can't convince me they earn anything but maybe $50,000 a yr. That's still o repaid, should a game be a hobby and hobbies are not paid. So yes they are WAY o repaid. How about taking from them to give to the poor or the very sick. I know ST JUDES hospital needs donations they actually help sick and dying kids. Sports players don't. They are selfish and self absorbed. Most go broke in a few yrs after they retire anyways.

  • Overpaid Players, Yes

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  • Yes they are

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  • Football players overpaid

    I think football players are overpaid because they get paid millions of dollars to play a sport they like and the military gets paid a couple thousand dollars a year when their risking their lives to protect people in the U.S. We should focus on the important things in life.

  • Football players overpaid

    It's stupid to "RISK" your life over a stupid sport that really accomplishes nothing but entertainment for people willing to waste their time to watch grown men crashing into each other over a pig skinned oblong ball. I can't believe people spent obscene amounts of money to watch these over sized, overpaid, under worked a$$holes. If they get injured, then it's because they're dumb enough to play Foolsball...

  • Football is a sport

    Football is a sport. It's objective is to distract the attentions of the masses. This has been the case since ancient Roman times. However in ancient time no gladiator was pay such large sums. We live in an illogical epoch when value can no longer be quantified by true usefulness.

  • Just to kick a ball around a field ? They do not deserve it!

    This country is virtually bankrupt. Look at the NHS, lack of affordable housing, the grafters on minimum wage living in poverty. The footballers and clubs are living on another planet and should pay 90% of their profit to help the poorest in society. Also, they are bad role models for some of today's youth.

  • Self Destructive Habit

    Sports players are grossly overpaid, at the end of the day they are doing nothing more than physical labor. Due to the imbecility of fans, willing to pay anything for a ticket or sports related paraphernalia, this trend will only continue. It is no longer affordable for the average income American family to attend a game. Look at LeBron James, for 42.2 million you could employ 300-400+ engineers, or 200+ doctors, or 2100+ minimum wage earners.

    If the SHTF most sports players net worth would be 0.

  • Waste of money

    Why pay them so much? Its just a game, just give each f them a ball and there wont be any fights or riots over such a game.
    Not only that, its just entertainment purposes, instead of just a game, why not drama or some documentary stuff? Its like the money just drops from heaven to them. I'm not jealous or anything but being crazy or obsess over a sport is too much. Those fans shouldn't center their lives over football as it already cost much for a seat to watch a match(generally). Perhaps, all this money can go to charity and help those poor and needy people to do the most simplest things like surviving. Or instead go to those children who have trouble paying their school fees. I know that these players are quite professional in their ''work'', and are passionate about it, I know that they train really really hard for a match but to get injured in a rough game is not worth it. To even be unable to play for the rest of their lives is a horrible nightmare for it to happen. Back to the title of this debate, its ridiculous for these players to be paid so much and being ''sold'' around. In conclusion, save the money for other things. I know that this post might not affect many except maybe the fans, but I hope that this can get to the heads of the managers and the sponsors.

  • They are not overpaid

    They are risking their lives to play the sport. When they play, something catastrophic could happen, giving them a career ending injury, such as a neck or leg injury. I feel that they don't get overpaid because if something bad was to happen then the money that they earn would go into their recovery.

  • Not at all

    They are not overpaid, indeed they generates millions of euros, it is normal that they are paid accordingly. Imagine that thanks to you the enterprise where you work earns millions euros of benefits and that they pay you only 3000€, you'd say it's not fair...

    Don't blame, footballers but the society, it's me and you that pay for watching them on TV, for having football tickets or jerseys. We participate and we are the reason of their wages.

    You have to be dumb to compare doctors and footballers, doctors are not in a competitive market as are footballers. For example great surgeon working on private hospital in the U.S have incredible salaries. So because they are not so many and because they are in a competitive market, to hire them hospitals and clubs have to pay for it.

    In economy there is a simple rule: what is rare is expensive. Why you pay 1€ for 1 liter of water while you pay some hundreds of euros for a kilo of foie gras ? Nevertheless water is vital for health while foie gras is not, it's even harmful...
    If you can't understand this simple rule of economy do not participate to this debate.

    Moreover, footballer is the most demanded job I think, how many people become Professional ? A scandalous rate, less than 1%, maybe 1 per mil...
    It also can be a precarious job for so many of them, indeed none of them have an opened-end contract, sometime they don't know where they'll be in 6 months, if they'll still be footballers
    You think that all the professionals are like Cristiano Ronaldo ? Not at all, even if they are all well paid, it's not enough to live for 20 years, and a footballer carreer lasts 12years to 14 years, less if big injuries happened...

    It's really demagogic to always blame footballers. Actors and singers are often more paid than them but we never hear anything about that, maybe that you judge that they deserve more than footballers
    Those who think that their job consist to just run and train one time per day are stupid. Like if I say that job of actor consists to smile in front of a camera...

    To be brief, they are too much paid morally, being so much paid while some people are starving it's scandalous.
    BUT they are not over paid from an economic point of view, it is logical.
    So you don't have to blame footballers, but blame the society, you and me, and try to change things.

    Sorry for my English, i'm not a native English soeaker, I hope you can understand what I said.

  • They earn it

    They are the ones responsible for all the money being generated, so should they not benefit significantly from it? Are you people saying that we should give the money generated by the footballers to doctors and sholdiers?All footballers that make it on to the big stage have immense talent and have had to work really hard in order to make the grade.

  • Supply and demand

    (I am assuming football players are referring to NFL players) fans are willing to watch the super bowl in a packed stadium with of 60,000 people with an average ticket cost just north of $3000. Companies are willing to fork over millions for a 30 second commercial super bowl ad spot. If all this is possible I think it constitutes paying an athlete millions of dollars a year as reasonable.

  • No, football is a dangerous sport

    Football is a very dangerous support, often resulting in long-term injuries. The high-payment received by football players is a premium for this risk, similar to how we pay hazard pay to military troops in war zones. Football is also incredibly popular, so fans expect the best players to participate, despite the risk of injury. High risk, high reward.

  • Shorter Career Span Requires Higher Salary

    No, football players are not overpaid. Professional football players have a limited number of years to earn money at a profession that matches their greatest skill. The money they earn during this time must be enough to support them and their families during their career as a football player and also allow them a comfortable standard of living during their years of retirement. It will not be as easy for them to earn the same living they made as football players when they stop playing the sport, so they need to make more during their time of play to compensate.

  • No, this shouldn't be regulated

    Football is a game, and what the owners and teams choose to pay their players is up to them. I see no reason to say that players are "over paid." They are paid what the market will allow. Isn't that how things work? If they are not playing well, then they don't get paid as much.

  • They are not over paid

    I think no because when a football player gets injured there career might be over and will not get any more money as they use to. And when they get injured they are not getting paid but paying for the medical bill so they can get back or try to get back on the field

  • They earned every penny of the money they have made.

    They have worked their whole life to make all that money. Everyone could make the same amount as them, if they worked to get in the NFL. They are being rewarded for their hard work, and dedication. I don't think they are overpaid, because just like us, they work hard for their money. Playing Football is their job.

  • They are the best at what they do

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