• It disgusts me!

    People that run around the pitch kicking a pointless ball get paid £2,000,000 a week on the other hand Doctors ONLY and I repeat only get paid £4250, this statistics just suggest that stupid footballers are getting a amazing amount for money for kicking a ball, where's the logic! This is disgraceful.

  • They are NOT overpaid

    Football players aren't over paid because the fact that we watch them. With every viewer that's the more money that goes to them. Am i saying we should stop watching? No, i'm simply saying that we don't realize that we contribute to their pay. With buying their gear, watching their games or going to their games. We don't realize how much we contribute to the amount that they are paid. They are also paid because they are entertainers, they risk their health to entertain us. We also don't realize that they are doing it because they love the game of football. Not because of the money, but simply for the love of the game, do some get caught up in the money? Yes, but do all? No. We need to grow up, who cares what they are paid? They are skilled in their own ways and we are to, some people are to lazy to get off their ass and go get a job. You cant get mad because you aren't getting paid as much as they are or you don't get the salary that they get. DIFFERENT PEOPLE get paid DIFFERENT AMOUNTS for the DIFFERENT SKILLS that they have and the DIFFERENT JOBS they do with those skills. DIFFERENT JOBS come with DIFFERENT PAY and DIFFERENT LIABILITIES and DIFFERENT RISKS AND DANGERS. Maybe you should work as hard as they do for their pay, or better yet why don't you go do what they do so that you can see why they get paid as much as they do. I would like to see a lot of you try to make it through a full season of College football or even NFL. You hardly get any down time and you are always at practice and working out. Wake up people.

  • A debate we had in class:

    I think that footballers are overpaid. They earn thousands of pounds a week by kicking a ball. A week for a footballer: A few training sessions, a press conference, a visit to the physiotherapist, and a 90minute match. Yet they get paid thousands every week.

    Yes but no, Footballers work hard for their entire lives to perfect their sport. Most of their childhood is devoted totally to football. Yes, compared to a lot of us their lifestyle is very laid back but at the same time, they have only a certain age to play until so have to rely on a lot of money to live on the rest of their lives.

    Footballers kick balls around a field and every week can afford a terraced house. Firemen have 48 hour shifts, go into areas of distress and trauma, save lives while putting theirs at risk and face emotional exhaustion. They can barely afford to pay the 25 year mortgage on their terraced house and feed their family of four. And then look at Paramedics, they go out, ad find people who are in a terrible state, sometimes on the brink of death and they have to think on the spot and save them. Neither of their wages come anywhere close to the wages of a footballer.

    Have you ever bought tickets to a football match? Imagine all the thousands of people who have bought the tickets, then think about the sponsors, and all of the people who pay for Sky sports and tune in to watch the games. That’s where all the money comes from. Do Firemen and Paramedics entertain millions every week? It’s for this reason that Footballers are paid so much, the people who say they are paid so much and continue going to the matches and paying for sky sports.

  • Of course they do

    The average week of a footballer involves: a training session, an appointment with the physiotherapist, a press conference and a 90 minute match. And at the end of the week they have enough money to buy a terraced house in the North of England, with cash. The average week of a fire-fighter involves 48 hour shifts, visiting scenes of trauma and horrific accidents, emotional exhaustion and, most importantly, saving lives. And at the end of the week they are lucky if they have enough money to feed a family of four, as they struggle to pay a 25 year mortgage on a terrace in the North. Full-time fire-fighters earn an annual salary of around £25,000 and paramedics around £28,000 – how is it that saving lives, and risking your own in the process, is worth 30 times less than providing sports entertainment. What incentive do children and young people have to become paramedics, social workers or fire-fighters when they can earn more in a day as a footballer than you could in a week in any of the aforementioned professions. The aspirations of the young are shaped by modern culture and this modern culture of celebrity will produce a generation of wannabe celebs: why save lives for £25,000 a year when you can play football for £125,000 a week?

  • Completely over paid

    Footballers are only for entertainment value only. There are other people in the world that have no money and just ignored. Doctors are paid an inadequate amount for such hard work. Footballers are not skilled it takes years to master the game play. But honestly i believe that they are over paid and this is coming from a thirteen year old.

  • They are over paid

    I think the players should get less money and the owners should get more so they can develop their team further and invest in more equipment or grounds where public people can play. Although the player give to charity, alot of their money is wasted on fancy houses or expensive cars, is this helping our economy or the state of the world?

  • Definatly over paid!!!

    Footballers need to get a proper job. They are only being paid for kicking a damn ball around. I mean anyone can kick a ball around. Young children want to be like these footballers so study less and practice more. But they just don't have the talent. This means that they have lost out in bath ways. They will end up getting low paid jobs.

  • Risking life is less of a fortune.

    We all know footballers get paid but overpaid! Think of those people who risk their life to save other people's lives. They get paid less than footballers. Doctors help people's lives including footballers! I do agree footballers work hard but soldiers actually risk their lives for their country,including some footballers country. If we had no soldiers, it might mean the end of football in their country.

    Risking life is less of a fortune to pay for their family. Some soldiers get paid £9,000 per year! Some footballers don't donate money at all! Lets take Wayne Rooney for instance, he get paid £250,000 per week. That is enough to to buy a lovely house which is complete.

    Another reason is bills. Soldiers don't have enough to pay all their bills while footballers do not hesitate to pay cause of all their money, soldiers should get footballers wages. What I believe is that an average footballer gets paid £50,000 or more whereas doctors get paid £22,076 to £30,002 per week. Soldiers can not even pay 25 year mortgage or even life insurance especially the money for them to retire is very little.

    So from my point of view shown above, I think footballers are getting paid too much. We learnt this just today.

  • Football Players Paid Too Much? Or are they?

    Footballers are paid way too much as they do not do much other than kick a ball and get rich. Fireman and policeman do far more than them but get paid much less. However football players only get their money by the fans paying money to watch the game so really they don't get paid to much.

  • Paid to much

    There are teacher, Social workers, Police, And firefighters that need a raise that actaully serve the community and help people. Football is a stupid pass time anyway. I have never supported football players and probaly never will. They don't change the world teachers or social workers do! They don't benefit anybody else arpund them except their team owner and themselves. Football players and team owners are selfish and greedy.

  • Read this below

    All footballers that make it into the higher leagues have great talent and have to work extremely hard to get where they are. The number of footballers that don’t make it in the higher leagues would have to get normal jobs which has a lot higher success rate than becoming a footballer. Only 10% actually make it as a professional footballer where as becoming a doctor for example, is a lot higher. Even though doctors perform a crucial part in the society of the public, including footballers, it has to be said it takes more talent to become a professional footballer. There are only roughly 4000 professional footballers in England, where as 250,000 doctors. In no way is this trying to reduce the importance of doctors but just prove that only a small amount of footballers play professionally compared to other normal jobs.

    The total revenue also plays in big part in this topic. Recently the Spanish club Real Madrid posted total revenue of €450 million coming from TV, ticket sales, and merchandise. At the centre of all this revenue are the footballers. They are the ones responsible for all the money being made and it is only fair that they get a large cut of it, shouldn’t they? Others may suggest that a company like Tesco that has total revenue of £65 billion, should also give their employees and generous cut, as they are at the centre of the success. The argument to this is fairly simple. Tesco have over half a million employees and it would be impossible to pay each individual employee generously and also that the employees are easily replaceable, unlike footballers. For all the revenue that players bring to the club from kit sales to winning goals, they deserve to have a good cut in the money.

    Footballers generally have very short careers that usually last about 15 years, but some are cut short by injury. In other jobs you work about 40 years and then acquire a pension at the end. Footballers only have a short career span so they are paid for the years and then are expected to live on what they have earned for the rest of their lives. Most of them haven’t been to university so can’t exactly become an engineer after there football career. Their lives aren’t really private and are recognised as a public figure. They are continuously photographed wherever they are and if their wages were dramatically lowered, then they would not be able to afford a large amount of land that is private to them or a body guard.

  • They deserve it

    Football player deserve their money because they work their hardest for it. People who don't understand this are not that smart. If you worked your butt off and didn't get paid, how would you feel about that. If you got paid millions of dollars, i bet you would say different

  • Musicians and actors

    Compared to musicians and actors footballers get paid a significant amount less, but how come no one seems to be on their case? The reason for this is simply because football is our national sport ( in England) and people choose to pick on this. Its a statistical fact that Robert Downing JR got paid 35 million dollars for Avengers and people choose to ignore this.

  • Football players are not overpaid.

    What determines the price is not the importance of the work, but the desirability of the work that is done. Millions of people watch football yearly and they desire to watch the best football there is to offer, and that means watching the best football players. Football clubs offer huge amount of money to the best players to get them to play for their club. There's a lot of money involved as football is so popular. It does not matter if the money could be used for better things. Salary is not always determined by how hard you work, or how skilled you are. I could be a very skilled wood chopper, though as there's not as much money involved in having the absolute best wood choppers as it is in having the greatest football players, there's no chance that you will earn the same salary.

  • Footballers deserve money

    First of all it's PAID not PAYED. And secondly, they get paid more than doctors because the clubs that pay their wages are not public corporations and they are 'for-profit' organisations in principal although some do make big losses.

    - A doctor's wages comes out of my small NI contributions.
    - A football player's wages comes out of the deep pockets of a millionaire, or a club with big money sponsorship deals, massive ticket-sale and merchandise revenues and competition prize money intake

  • Just supply and demand

    Basic supply and Demand. How many kids around the world actualy play football. Hundreds of millions. How many work hard enough and become skilled enough to rise to the top of the game. Dedication and hard work from a young age.
    Incomparable to doctors or soldiers. It takes a lot less work to become either of those. What they do may help others they may risk thier lives and save others but it is a lot easier to become a doctor or a soldier than it is to become a proffesional footballer. And even harder to become the best of the best.

  • It requires so much skill, hard work and dedication.

    Being a footballer isn't easy. It's not something you voulenteer for or study for a couple of years to become. Granted, it doesn't save lives or fight wars but it's something that helps millions of people around the world just by the entertainment of it. It takes so much hard work to actually be a footballer. If you have worked that hard through your childhood and your teenage years, and you are gifted with ability, then why shouldn't you be able to earn that much. Just by how difficult it is, I'd say they deserve it. And also, these people who earn so much are a rare case. Most footballers work part time and get low wages, only do the very , very best get thousands a week. Just consider that.

  • Supply and Demand

    Nobody is holding a gun to anybody and forcing them to pay football players exorbitant salaries. Many people enjoy watching highly skilled football players compete and are willing to pay for the privilege. There are few people with the skill and ability to play at the professional level and those that can are usually only able to perform at that level for a few years. If not for television providing incredible leverage, football players would not make such a great living or have such high salaries. But the high salaries attract the best players and coaches. Television makes it affordable for ordinary people who couldn't afford tickets or don't live close enough to go to a game in person to enjoy a game. Advertisers recognize this and pay exorbitant rates to advertise during televised football games. Again, nobody is holding a gun to the head of advertisers and forcing them to pay high rates. They do it voluntarily with the expectation that the advertising will pay off in additional incremental business.

    Television provides incredible leverage. The situation is not too different from movie actors vs live theater actors. Live theater actors may be better actors than those in the movies, but there are relatively few theaters and relatively few plays available for entertainment. Furthermore, the actors must perform over and over for each audince. Compare that to movie theaters which are ubiquitous and can show the same movie over and over all day everyday without needing any actors or support. Movies are relatively cheap, people can easily attend and do in large numbers, the actor only shoots the movie once, and the leverage results in higher income than live theater performers. We are seeing the same with authors who used to have their books published. Published books might sell for $20 or more and not necessarily make the author rich. But with online books, many people are willing to pay a buck for a book and suddenly authors have a chance of making huge amounts of money. Cost is relatively low as a result of the leverage and that expands the market.

  • Footballers deserve money

    First of all it's PAID not PAYED. And secondly, they get paid more than doctors because the clubs that pay their wages are not public corporations and they are 'for-profit' organisations in principal although some do make big losses.

    - A doctor's wages comes out of my small NI contributions.
    - A football player's wages comes out of the deep pockets of a millionaire, or a club with big money sponsorship deals, massive ticket-sale and merchandise revenues and competition prize money intake

  • Fan's choice, they deserve it!

    Of course they aren't paid too much. It's the fan's choice of actually paying them; fans money goes to the football players through matches and donations. If anyone's got a problem with it then they should go to the public. The world isn't fair, but life's not fair. They deserve all the money they get through fan's admiration and winning tournaments. Again, it's all up to the public and if you have other ideas, go to them. You'll have a hard time trying to persuade the not though.

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