Are forced evictions by governments justified (in general)?

Asked by: Diqiucun_Cunmin
  • Yes it is beneficial to cities

    With governments force evicting people it helps the city/ place grow. It also keeps slums out of the cities. It is beneficial to make roads and to make other new buildings for cities to grow! It is a great thing to do!!! So lets go government!! We can do this force eviction is great!

  • No eviction is ever unjust

    Eviction is evil and heartless, most companies that sue you that take out loans are filthy rich so evicting peoplt to take there money is evil. And all eviction should be banned worldwide forever. I hope no one says yes at all . . . . . . . . .

  • It's not even a question of justification

    There is no objective morality. Nothing is unjust or just. The government is just as justified in forcing evictions as it is in collecting taxes or doing what you ask it to do. There is no natural law that prevents the government from evicting people, and nature has no moral code. Nature imposes no punishments- only consequences.

  • Generally, it's a no.

    I think most forced evictions are unjust. There's a plenty of government land out there and I think tearing down old houses should only be used as a last resort, if there's something about the location that's really important. Sure, there is compensation, but money can't resolve everything - there are things like social ties lost and emotional bonds that can't be replaced by money. In the Choi Yuen Tsuen incident in Hong Kong, for example, IIRC there were viable alternatives which wouldn't involve demolishing the village. I understand that sometimes, forced evictions are a necessary evil, but I think there are better ways to gain land in the majority of cases.

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