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  • Here's the problem with this question

    Neither brand necessarily competes with each other. Ford has a full lineup of cars, Trucks, And SUVs, While Jeep is mostly SUV's and off-road vehicles. I don't know about overall reliability of the vehicles, But since both brands are extremely different from each other, You're comparing apples to oranges with this question.

  • Jeeps have good traction

    I had a ford once and it it was a piece of junk . I have a jeep and it works much better than my ford. I also have a Chevrolet silverado that is running well . I love Chevrolets and jeeps. My name is Russell Newell and that is my story

  • Fords are bad cars

    My dad had a ford which broke down on the day my sister passed away so I could not say my goodbyes.Instead we were on the side of the road pushing a car.It really sucked I was crying when I found out I would have been there if it was not for that stupid ford

  • Fords are dumb

    Fords are found on road side died. Everyone thinks fords can do what jeeps can well sorry but no. Jeeps are the best and fords are the worst. Jeeps go anywhere and do anything. Yes fords can be a jeep at an on road races but off-road jeeps win, fords lose.

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