• Foreign critics are sensitive to insult

    In the case of international security, foreign critics are sensitive. People in the east tend to blame the US for interference, and overuse of military power. These critics must put themselves in the place of Westerners, if and when making such claims. National security is of up most importance. Westerners will not tolerate terrorist threats in any form. A rift is created between east and west. In a reversal, Westerners feel sensitive about the way they are portrayed in the media. For example, in a detergent ad from China, a black man is thrown into a washing machine, and comes out looking Asian. Not funny. The Chinese company is accused of being racist. If you live in the West, you'd tend to agree that this is a racist ad. In China, people would laugh it off.

  • It all depends on how you look at it.

    Sometimes foreign critics don't really understand the context of other countries stuff. What is offensive in one country could be perfectly acceptable in another country. It's all a matter of where you are at. If that particular country is fine with their stuff and nobody is getting hurt then there shouldn't be a problem.

  • Our opinions are often based on our culture and belief systems.

    I think it is unfair to say that foreign critics are too sensitive. Depending on the place and culture you are raised in, there are certain cultural standards and norms that you grow up with. It is a matter of understanding this difference in perspective when listening to and responding to foreign critics. There is a degree of mutual understanding and respect that must be met by both parties involved.

  • No, foreign critics are not too sensitive.

    The messages that are shared in films, television, and advertising are quickly absorbed by the public. Sometimes, these messages have very serious effects on the audience. Each market has the right to express their true feelings about the messages that are being shared with them. In the case of the commercial where the detergent turns a black man white, that can be a very damaging and hurtful message. It presents the black man as dirty and undesirable, while claiming that the white man is the superior option. This is racist by definition, and should be criticized as such.

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