Are former colonies entitled to reparations from former colonial powers?

  • In certain scenarios they are entitled.

    I believe that in the right scenario former colonies should be entitled to certain reparations from former colonial powers as a payback for the ways that they have suffered. This is a way to be fair and also to act as a deterrent to keep countries from acting very badly.

  • They owe them reparations

    Colonial powers tortured hundreds of millions of people and irreversibly stole their culture, Identity and wealth from them. It is one of the cruellest instances in history and colonial powers owe it to the countries that they damaged for their personal greed to make amends (financially or by giving back what they can)

  • To a degree

    I believe that the argument concerning the notion that colonization happened a long time ago hence the damage done does not filter today, is an erroneous government. The damage done by colonialism is still evident today, through poorly drawn borders and the removal of resources, to racism that is still prominent today. The issue is not of one individual person, but a whole governing body, that had lived under western ideals and brutality that sparks civil conflict. People and government should be held responsible if the ramifications of a previous government are still evident today, as it is an inherited responsibility

  • Britain became Great out of stolen Privilege

    Our railways, our schools, our banks and some hospitals were build from blood money our people had a head start because we stole!!! Is that any thing to be proud of and we can be even more proud of the fact that the majority of our country don't even want to help the countries that we're left in ruin as a result of slavery not to mention the woeful racism that followed when many of these people came to our land looking for a better life because they had no real future in their own counties no thanks to us!!! Wow yet again we see Britain's true colours.

  • For most colonies, the right people wouldn't get it anyways

    For most, not all but most former colonies, thanks to dictators and corruption all the money would end up in the wrong hands anyways. The people who could really use the money wouldn't see a penny of it. The elites in these countries would get all the money and a lot of it would just go to greedy multinationals who are chummy with local dictators and corrupt politicians.

    For those colonies that aren't suffering from these conditions generally they're doing well enough that they don't really need reparations. Although it would still help. If Britain would give us some money that could help pay off the national debt.

  • It's In The Past

    I do not believe former colonies should be entitled to reparations from former colonial powers. Colonizing was something that was very common and rampant in the past and what damage was done, was done long ago. I think it is unreasonable to pay people off today for what their ancestors did many years ago.

  • Former colonies are not entitled to reparations from former colonial powers.

    The problem with mandating that former colonies are entitled to reparations from former colonial powers is that there have been so many former colonies throughout history that a statute of limitations would have to be determined, which may leave some former colonies in need of funds without. Additionally, not all former colonies were negatively impacted by former colonial powers.

  • No, it would be a never-ending cycle.

    No, former colonies are not entitled to reparations from former colonial powers, because there would be a never-ending cycle of those who demand reparations from another. In any society, a person can reach back in time and find a person who wronged them in the past. A person or a government should not be responsible for what another government did years earlier.

  • No, They Are Not

    Colonies are by far a large part of the past and are far less common in our current age. While colonial powers often exploited their colonies, I do not believe they should be entitled to reparations at this point in history. I feel the colonial age was a step in progression that wasn't necessarily good or bad.

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