• Yes all food is fattening

    Fruit has calories. If you eat more calories than you burn the excess is stored as fat.
    Fruit is a good source of fuel. It falls in the middle of the glycemic index, but if you eat enough it you will get fat.
    I have met a lot of fat people in my life. Some are fat because of fast food, soda, candy, and boos. I have yet to meet someone who got fat because their main vice is fruit.

  • I wouldn`t say so

    Everyone is always telling you it`s good to eat fruit,but is it fattening?In actual fact,fruit dose have sugars called fruit dose. Fruit dose is somewhat like sugar,but it`s natural. While you may think it`s fattening like the sugar in day to day sweets,it`s not as bad and a bit of it is actually healthy.

    Posted by: bvc

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