• Furries must be gassed

    I believe furries are abominations.Most of the crap they post is pornographic.Want some proof?Look up commodity's tumblr page.
    Also,a site I like was recently overrun by furfags.So in response,I have decided to start the idea of the AFCA. The ANTI FURRY CANCER ACT.So a highly trained team of nuskuprs will be dispatch to capture anyone and everyone caught wearing a fur suit or drawing anything furry related.The captured furries will be delivered to an AFCA base,where as the title suggests,the gas chamber awaits them.Trust me,it would help this planet a TON.

  • Don't be and Idiot

    You don't have to be Albert-fucking-Einstein to know that this is a bad idea. Luckily, methods such as suicide have replaced the need for furies, so this is no longer a relevant problem, and thus does to need to be debated. Use your head for once please.

    -Literally Everyone Ever

  • I Believe that they are abominations.

    I believe that furries are abominations for a few reasons. First off, they are extremely perverted. If you look up "Furries" on google, one of the first things you will always find is porn of some sort. Furries are also mainly gay, as most of the drawings plainly state. They are also monsters, if you know history. The ancient Greeks, for example. In homer's epic, The Illiad, Hercules killed the Minotaur, which was a half human, half animal monster. Which, by the way, is the definition of a furrie. The werewolf, too, is a monster and a furrie, as it's a half human and half wolf creature.

  • PLease kill furries

    I had a traumatic experience as a child. I walked in on my daddy dressed as whinnie the pooh . Instead of asking me to leave he invited me in and bent me over a table. Next thing i knew a furry dick was in my ass hole. Kill them all

  • Furries are just porn YouTube

    All the Disney characters that we love and know today have ruined for this disgusting bullshit. Furries are what I see ruining the internet with pornographic abominations in such a way that they even put Disney charterers to the shape of a wolf. These images are nothing but pornography and people even decide to our favorite characters from video games and movies into gay porn. These creations of images and comics are vulgar and a abomination to the internet.

  • Furries are world idiots

    Furries are poop. They are terrible people. They draw stupid animal fanart. Furries are faliures. They think they are animals. What they have done to the internet is horrible. Some of them think that they are animals. They publish low-quality art that look terrible, just look at Deviantart and you know what i'm talking about

  • Furries are faggots and so are you

    The 33% on no are furries themselves who go home and jerk their dicks to bugs bunny porn kill yourselves GO DIE IN A HOLE YOU FUCKING ANAL PAGENS I HOPE YOU ALL DIE TRAGICLY YOU MOTHA FUCKERS WITH SPONGEBOB PORN DIE ALL OF YOU I HATE YOU ALL RUINED MY CHILDHOOD NIG NOGS

  • It's the Cringiest thing and they need to be gone.

    Has anyone thought it's weird that a human being would get dressed up in a animal costume to make them selves look like something they are not. And I think it's stupid how much the suits cost not that I would ever buy one but they cost as much as a used car. And and the way they look with no emotion in there eyes and all people see is a blank state in a costume. Also I'm curious how you can stay in the thing for more than an hour without smelling your own body odor. Or do you keep a can of febreeze in the thing.

  • Don't be and Idiot

    You don't have to be Albert-fucking-Einstein to know that this is a bad idea. Luckily, methods such as suicide have replaced the need for furies, so this is no longer a relevant problem, and thus does to need to be debated. Use your head for once please.

    -Literally Everyone Ever

  • Why? Just why?

    Furries are some of the weirdest things this world has ever seen, And it’s seen some pretty weird stuff. From what I’ve seen (unfortunately) and heard it’s a very sexualized culture that just doesn’t make sense, Seeing as many sources say the culture itself cannot decide on what they really are. They’ve been called anything from an identity to a fetish. It’s just weird. I don’t think mass genocide is the correct response but I do believe that this whole thing needs to be stopped.

  • Someone give these people an education. Pt 3

    Also, Some do keep an air freshener in there (as Febreeze would harm the suit material) and some suits come crafted with a fan inside. "Furries, Aka, Homo derectus, Are a direct mutilation of everything humans strive for--" We don't 'prefer to be animals. ' We are still human, Just so you know. Again, Humans are animals, Too. 'Convert' them? We. Are. Humans. How do you convert a human into a human? About evolution-- I do think you need to read up on how it works. Humans will not be 'animalized' or 'de-evolved' because of a small part of humanity with no actual different evolutionary traits. Evolution happens over a period of millions of years-- it's been, What. Thirty? To evolve, Humans must breed with other humans that have physical traits that help them survive. As far as I know, Furries look like. . . Normal humans. "Don't gas them, Set a fire--" You're killing human beings. Like Hitler in the Holocaust. Children who are under fourteen, Mature adults who actually help society. Unlike you. I'm sick and tired of people bashing us and bashing us. Stop it, Already, Your arguments aren't getting anywhere. They're stupid. For once, I'd like to argue with an anti-furry with reasonable arguments backed up with evidence. That concludes my TedTalk. To all the furries out there: Live your lives. Please. If your partner leaves you just because you're a furry, Slap them for me, Please. :) Love y'all!

  • I know some

    Furries and they are really not ce people. Sure you got the weird ones, but every fandom has weird parts to it. It's just the way the world is. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .I needed more words.

  • I think therefore I am.

    Life is all about perspective and no matter how you feel about someone's lifestyle it's not going to change that. Who gets the authority to say what is and isn't an abomination. Just because the majority does it, doesn't make it normal. You could consider heterosexuality an abomination if you really wanted to. The point I'm trying to make is life and what's right is what you think. Don't waste time judging others

  • No Just No

    I may not be one but just because i'm not doesn't mean I am so insecure that anything that isn't me has to be "Killed with fire".
    "Oh no I the most important person in the world don't understand/like something therefor it must be destroyed!"

    That is a stupid mentality that I am seeing here.

    "Intolerance is a sign of Ignorance"

  • No they are not.

    I think furries are a way for people to express themselves. They may be able to tell a lot about themselves, not necessarily through writing but maybe through art. Maybe some people want to animate monsters or animals with a twist to show their artistic ability. Not all furries are porn related. This link extends on that :

  • Someone give these people an education. Pt 2

    It a bigger deal than it was. Stop making a mountain out of a molehill. I wish I didn't even have to address an idea as stupid as the "AFCA, " but I suppose I must. Furries are human beings. If this plan was ever actually carried out because of some unforeseen catastrophe, You would be murdering human beings. This is a Holocaust-type situation and I can't even begin to describe how terrible that was. I can't even begin to describe how terrible everyone who promotes another one of those scenarios is. You know what would actually help this planet 'a TON? ' Finding a new source of energy. Destroying fewer rainforests. Reducing global warming and greenhouse gases. Cleaning out landfills. Keeping this planet ALIVE, For fuck's sake. Not murdering thousands of human beings just because you, Apparently God Almighty, Don't agree with what they like. "Furries are world idiots--" Wow. I guess me, An educated person in high school, About to get a scholarship to a very esteemed college, Is poop. A terrible person. Just for drawing what I like. We're not idiots; we're just as 'smart' as the rest of you (and probably smarter, Considering your arguments). 'Stupid, ' in your opinion, Could be what we actually like to do. You're dissing and bashing and forcing stereotypes on people just for liking this one thing and completely disregarding their other achievements! So, Tell me. Am I a terrible person? Are my furry friends, Some of the sweetest and smartest people I know, So terrible? We're just humans. And by the way, Humans are animals. . . So, You're technically in the wrong, Too, For thinking you're a human. What 'we have done to the internet' is horrible? Check my argument above. And, If drawing low-quality art is an abomination, Then send kindergarteners to jail. You're not the world's most esteemed art critic, So stop acting like you are. "Furries are f*ggots and so are you--" Well, The 56% on no are probably furries. We have to defend ourselves, Right? You're just assuming things. I don't, In fact, Like furry porn. Or Bugs Bunny. How'd we ruin your childhood? You could've chosen not to affiliate with us. Please, Do tell. "It's the Cringiest thing and they need to be gone--" I'll applaud you. You probably have the most valid argument here. Though, It is just a personal opinion. Furries don't think it's weird. It's just something they like. And, In all honesty, I don't get why we're arguing about opinions, But oh well. The suits cost an average of $1, 500, And that's because they're handcrafted and take time to complete. The fur they use isn't all that cheap, Either. They cost nowhere near as much as a used car-- a high-mileage, Banged-up car is around $3, 000 (if you make $25, 000/year) and around $10, 000 if you make $80, 000/year. If created right, Fursuits do have emotion in their eyes-- good fursuit crafters know how to build them that way. . .

  • Nah furries are awesome

    A furry is somebody who like anthropomorphic characters and sometimes if they want to dress up as them there is a lot of misconceptions people have about them mostly from bad tv shows from a while ago furries are not harming anyone and most are genuinely cool people
    the ones who are wierd are otherkin who think they are animals or other stuff

  • Live and let live

    What does it even matter? Are they hurting anyone? Probably not, (IDK for sure though) so why is it so important to you to kill them? How would you feel if someone suggested killing everyone who liked something you liked? I doubt you'd be happy. Furries seem like a strange concept to outsiders, sure, but is that really a reason to hurt people for enjoying something?

    I can't believe there are people who want a holocaust-type event for a group of people, just because they enjoy a certain thing. It's pathetic and childish.

  • Gassing and Burning?

    FYI to those who wish to gas us, there are furs that are under the age of 14 in the fanbase. If you were to gas or burn us, you would have to take young children, that dont know what sex is, and murder them for their liking of anthropomorphism.

  • No, people are just stubborn

    People believe anything they see on the internet. I swear that at least half of the people I know think furries are bad and disgusting. What's wrong with dressing up in a costume? Is LARPing bad? Is roleplay bad? If you pay attention, mostly everything around us is furry-related. Commercials, books, movies, films, etc. it's everywhere and people who say they are "abominations" are just too stupid to realize that no matter what they say, people aren't going to stop being themselves just because others don't like it. This is a lifestyle, not a game or a sexual fantasy.

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