• Furries ruined my sons life!

    I was resting in my house when i heard inhuman sounds from my teenage sons room, Later when i decided to barge in i found he was masturbating to reverse anal unbirthing! I was disgusted and in tears- This cannot be allowed anymore. Theremore we must exterminate those disgusting subhuman monsters!

  • Sad boi hours

    The furry fandom used to be a respectable community. Being a furry used to just be about role-play, And alter-egos. For example, You could be a kind, Caring soul in real life but be a tough, Take-no-shit fursona. About 95% of the fandom used to be just that, And the other 5% was the yiffers and dog-fuckers. Then, In the 2010's, That changed for some reason. We may never know why it changed, But the adult-sexual-yiff side slowly gained traction. Soon, About 85% of the fandom was furries with significant sexual interest in the fandom. It is sad, Because the fandom used to be honorable. But in the modern age, The furries are an evil mess.
    Death to furries.

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