Are gadgets in classroom helping or harming educational process?

  • Because, Without educational charts we can't know things we don't know.

    Without educational gadget in the classroom we wouldn't know our multiplication table, We wouldn't know how to spell things we don't know how to spell.
    We wouldn't know how time works, We wouldn't know how to read comprehension and story passage and we wouldn't know how to solve mathematics that is all

  • Gadgets in the classroom are harming educational process

    Lets understand the basic factor of development of a child we need holistic development in our children and do you think that in any way having a continuous dependence on gadgets and technology in general is a good factor i believe that is a no. I ask you would you prefer your child to have a mini detox period in the eight or more such hours he spends in the school or would you allow your child to be twenty four hours of the be attached to his phone.
    The basic understanding we need to gather upon this topic of debate revolves around your children and on what you want for them and is better for them handing a child his phone will firstly prove to be serious distraction lack of focus and concentration and will be detrimental for the child in all ways possible academically. Secondly we need to acknowledge the common knowledge and scientifically proven factor that technology in any form is detrimental for the health of the child we as responsible, Rational and educated parents need to put up strong resistance against the swiftly increasing dependence of school and educational institutions on technology and gadgets in all.

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