• Gamers are scapegoats

    They are scapegoats in a world that blames everything and everyone else for their issues. Just like the radio and TV when they were first invented.

    People like to blame violent video games for others lashing out because they've played violent video-games. In reality only psychopaths kill others; video-games or not. There is a certain amount of responsibility and lack of caring for others that modern society has lost.

    Phones, Consoles, And even TV's have games built in them today. Odds are if you're not into video-games you have still played one. Just because someone decides to do something stupid doesn't make video-games the disease; especially if they've only played 1 hour on HALO or something dumb like that. I imagine the media would report this guy was a HALO addict or some shit. "OMG HALO turns people into murders in 1 hour! " PRINT IT! PRINT IT MY PRETTIES MUAHAHAHAHA

  • They are an easy target

    The world wants to blame everything on gamers and make them seem like dangerous individuals. Playing all day no job and no ambition and violent. Sure some crazy gamers exist, But were they already crazy beforehand?
    WW1 WW2 and other massacres existed before games.

    They just want to blame all of the worlds problem on something that easy to attack. Video gamers are not the problem, They have a better management than politicians. I am not the one who increased the deficit or took bribes

  • The media constantly attacks gamers.

    The media used to view gamers as lazy slobs who lived in their mom's basement eating Cheetos and were morbidly obese. Now they view them as violent. Why don't they show who we really are? We are functioning members of society who like to have fun, And if that is so bad, Then so be it.

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