• What kind of games?

    You probably won't learn much playing Call of Duty or any of those kinds of games, But there are games designed with the intention of educating people, Usually children. The games aimed at educating children are very simple and do just that - they educate a child on simple things, Be it maths, Science or english, Or anything else.

  • From odd facts and teamwork to logic and match, They do it all.

    There is a game for every type of education, Throughout my school time starting from when i was young i was always able to get that one answer, That one word on the spelling bee or that calculation that others didn't realise existed. You will also learn more efficiently once you have de-stressed on a game.

  • Yes, I think that children can learn from video games.

    Video games are mainly supposed to be for entertainment, But some have other purposes, Fx. Education. A game can learn small children how to do basic spelling or math (a good example of this is the danish Pixeline series that consist entirely of educational games). Looking at the only commenter on the no-side's poing about video game addiction, I think that if you have a tendency to get addicted to such things, And if it hinders you from things like studying, Making and nurturing friendships etc. , Then your parent or guardian should step in and do something about it. Also, About their list of sporty outdoor hobbies, I think that you can have outdoor hobbies, Indoor hobbies and play video games.

  • Edictions of internet

    The children get edicted to the internet games and the children does not concentrate on the studies. We can also play Outdoor game like cricket,football etc . The games like clash of clans ,clash royale,hayday,boom beach and thousands of more games that are harm full for children so , my opinion is to keep children far from these internet games.Thank you

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