Are games like call of duty and forza bad for teens?

  • No one should repeat

    On the surface, These video games are not that bad. I don't believe that these games make a person more likely to commit a crime. But, I believe that the expected addiction to video games like call of duty and forza make a teenager more likely to stay playing the game. This is harmful, Because repetition does not stimulate the brain, And only makes the brain dumber.

  • Video games are they good or bad?

    Its up to you the choice is your do u think video games are bad for teens because what i think is that they cause to much danger for teens what i mean is gun volience so to make a long story short teens+gun games=death i hope yall under stand

  • Its good for kids

    KIds should feel that they need some fun from time to time. Teens especially need they fun they deserve while they're still young. People shouldn't judge them for wanting to play violent games, It's just silly.
    Yes i agree that teens should take some time off the screen, But they should also have fun while they're still young. Playing games can also help kids make friends.

  • Yes it definitely depends on the topic at hand.

    All that time spent huddled over a console inevitably leads to bouts of chronic masturbation. Studies showed that 95% of boys and 87% of girls that spent 5hrs or more per day playing Call of Duty or Forza, Indulged in regular bouts of vigorous hand relief. Scientist found that this not only lead to an inability to form proper sexual relationships but also resulted in a right old sticky mess. So always keep a tissue handy and don't expect your mothers to clear up after you.

  • Shaggy says no so no

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  • In extreme excess, Yes, For most people? No.

    These games are here to stay, Maybe not Forza and COD in particular but alternatives will always be made. This is clearly an issue that extends beyond video games, It's about game companies tapping into the internal feedback loops that hook us on a particular product.

    These companies aren't going anywhere, And neither is addiction. Obviously, Anything in excess becomes more of a liability than an asset, That's not to say playing these games has no cognitive benefits. Ultimately, It comes down to self-control.

  • Depends on the topic at hand. What is necessarily bad?

    The question is quite vague in terms of what it means by "bad for teens".

    If by you mean it is addicting, Certainly. But all things can be addictive. It all depends on how moderate the user is in consuming entertainment.

    If by you mean it makes teens more violent, No, It doesn't. There have been several studies conducted, All of which have yielded no concrete evidence that video games and violence are connected. There are several countries out there that game a lot more than a gamer from the US, And their crime rates are vastly lower. Also, There's no reason to believe that violent video games would cause violent impulses, Much like violent movies, And the like, Do not cause you to commit crime.

    Posted by: LLP

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