• Games these days are violent

    For me, I think games these days are violent. Many of the bad kids get influence by the games that many of them can make people hurt emotionaly and pysicaly. This is not very good at all. Did you know that games these day are huge inpact for kids to hit people and this is not so good. Did you know that assasin's creed is the "drug" for kids to hit people because it looks very real and the creater of the game did had a good target on the kids who are bullies or the ones who just think it is just so good to hit people or the kids just want to be popular in a bad way

  • All games are violent.

    We're surrounded by violence every day. It's impossible to blind anyone, even your own children, from the sight of violence. Violence has the power to appear and when it gets the chance, it will come. It's inevitable. The only thing humanity can do to prevent the killing of itself is by working to prevent such.

  • Kids can do what they like.

    Kids can do what they like if they play games with guns or knifes and they kill when their older people will blame the game. This is wrong almost all kids play games like this and have turned out fine. If one in 1,000,000 kills someone you cant blame games.

  • Violence has always had a hand in art, and it always will.

    Just because someone sees a visceral act on a screen doesn't mean they'll perform said violent crime. However, mass media coverage and making murders famous might just incite someone to do something horrific. The problem isn't video games, or even any form of entertainment for that matter. The problem is the news, and the fact that whenever something horrifically tragic happens, everyone blames video games, but nobody turns to psychological health care faults.

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