• Games are quite useful.

    I say that games quicken our minds and help in quicker decisions. Games are quite essential for young minds. Games help in keeping the mind active and happy.Games are sometimes not good if played for a long,long time.Playing for a small time every day keeps a child, a kid, a teen or so happy.

  • Minecraft makes you learn and other games so they are usefull

    They really helped me with my tests and work in school and in my house so they are so brilliant i just love games if my mum says no i do whot ever to play games if games would not exist life would be so so boring i just love them

  • Are games Helpful?

    I think that games are useful because if you think about games could help in many ways. Lets take school for example, during school teachers have seen kids play games on a computer and as we can tell they become a great distraction. We all know that games are great distraction but they can be helpful depending on what the game is, how it is used, how often are these kids are on it and what subject it is. There are many ways to know if a game is a distraction or not but if they are used in a good way they could be used as advantage on how the teacher uses it.

  • Games are useful, they teach any skill included in the game in a fun interactive addictive format.

    The fact of the matter is if you have a 3d grown man fighting while using mathematics to calculate things, the person playing would end up becoming better at mathematics inadvertently too. Games generally teach things like math, spatial awareness, and brush up on reaction time. They also keep a persons attention drawn to them, resulting in that person unwittingly learning and getting better at many things. Although there is a motivational issue in using these for things other than games in an individual which is where people think they are useless.

  • Yes, games are useful.

    Games are useful for a variety of reasons. Some games have educational benefits which allow for learning in a more relaxed and comfortable environment. Games also provide for enhancing social behavior through the interaction with other people. Games also increase competitive behavior which increases determination which is a good quality for a hard worker.

  • Games could be useful

    I personally think that a game could be inappropriate for young kids but it could be useful as far as math games. Games could be useful for young kids that needs help that just do not understand but understand the game. Games could be useful for those that solve problems.

  • I hate them

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  • Games are not useful, because game addiction can make bad effects on family and society.

    If we keep play games, we would not talk anyone with our family, and same for society. Then our society would be very quiet society. Nobody will talk each other. Just like ROBOT society. According to 'Impact of computer games on society'(contented writer.Com), addiction of computer games lead amount of time spent playing games, and this can effect people education & performance in the work place.

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