• Try taking one when you are poor

    Definately I am a self made woman who came from deep poverty and I can assure you ‘gap years are for the offspring of the rich ‘
    I think upper middle class parents might be able to afford to fund gap years but there is no way that working class parents can fund that sort of thing . University was well beyond my parents means but I was lucky enough to get a government scholarship but that only paid my fees , I had to work in MaCDonalds and study at the same time to be able to pay for food and lodgings . Gaps years, university and a whole host of things the rich take from granted are way out of the reach of working class parents

  • Yes, gap years are a privilege of wealthy students.

    I definitely think that gap years are a benefit of wealthy students. It is something that some other students do not have the luxury of being able to do. Obviously, some of those reasons are because of money and time. I think that it is clear it is about somebody's financial means.

  • Yes, taking time off is a privelege of the wealthy

    Yes, gap years are a privilege of wealthy students. I believe that students from poorer economic backgrounds do not have the luxury to indulge in a gap year. They usually need a job or financial aid while completing their education and cannot afford to take time off to discover themselves or take a break.

  • taking a gap year costs money that poor students do not have.

    I think they mostly are. Lots of poor students are not financially able to take a year off without earning money. Most of the countries that gap year students like to visit, prohibit visitors from working in those countries. The air fares are also expensive, and a year of accommodation adds up as well, no matter how humble.

  • A gap year, while made easy by wealth, is within the reach of anyone willing to do the things necessary to support it.

    Wealth makes many things easier; going to school, changing jobs, sloughing off for a year while you decide if you are going to bother getting educated or just leech off your parents. There is nothing in the way 'gap years' are taken that prevents anyone of a lower income bracket from participating. While having little-to-no spare money available from parents or other relatives means that full participation is more difficult, no haring off to China for a month as an example, you can still take that time to explore the world closer to yourself and decide how you want to move forward with your life.

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