• Garbage franchise monopolies can be good

    Waste disposal is an incredibly complicated process, and it is for this reason that garbage collection franchise monopolies are one area that is a particular exception to the United States anti-trust laws. When one company knows exactly where their runs are, there is less confusion when it comes to trash day.

  • Unresponsive to customer needs

    Monopolies often act without regard to the customers they serve, Since they have no need to satisfy these customers - the business will be there no matter how poorly the company operates.

    Our family and many other families on our street have a lot of problems with poor customer service from Recology, The local Santa Rosa garbage/recycling collection monopoly. Basic stuff - missed pickups, Surly drivers, Sloppy handling of the bins so that trash spills everywhere. When you call to report issues or solve problems, The phones are always busy - long hold times, No call back after leaving your number with the "we'll call you back robot", Etc. You often have to go to the office and stand in front of them to resolve an issue.

    I can't speak to pricing - I have no idea what is reasonable for trash pickup - but I assume competition would help lower or control prices. I will say I would pay MORE for better service!

  • Monopolies take away Opportunities

    I should at least have the opportunity to bring my own garbage to the dump without having the government forcing me to pay for a service in cannot afford and do not want. There is no competition in my area. They claim I can use another service provider, But there isn't any that will do it. Not Liberty by any stretch of the imagination!

  • There should be competition.

    No, garbage collection franchise monopolies are not good, because there is no reason that there cannot be competition. If people could choose between two or three companies, they would be able to choose which company gives the lowest cost, or provides the best service. It would drive up the quality.

  • It would be bad.

    Garbage collection franchise monopolies would be just as bad as having any other company or industry with a monopoly. No matter the type of work or where they do their work the fact that a company can have a monopoly would be a bad thing. We should not give too much power to one company.

  • Monopolies Are Bad

    Monopolies are bad, it doesn't matter what franchise or business they have monopolized. Garbage collection monopolies could easily be compared to the monopolies of the cable companies. It is a service most people are going to have to utilize, so when a company monopolizes a market they can freely raise their prices without losing business.

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