• Yes they are

    I have no problem with gay people but gay parades are ridiculous. No one cares what gay people do in private but the fact that people are bringing children to these gay pride parades is immoral and wrong. Everyone should be allowed their own beliefs but shouldn't feel the need to run around in public acting indecent.

    Posted by: Nawl
  • They are unneeded

    Gay parades makes gays shove their beliefs down others throats. Yes we know you exist we don't need to be reminded all the time. Unless it is illegal to be gay in whatever place you live in most people don't care whether you are gay or not. Go ahead be gay nobody cares and the gay pride and parades are not helping. Even the "I am gay" shirts are annoying. Also gays should not be affiliated with "fabulous" because there's nothing fabulous about it.

  • There are plenty of more important issues.

    Why is it that these parades are taking millions of tax dollars to solve nothing. These millions of dollars could be spent on solving world hunger, poverty, and global warming. Yet people feel they need to be reassured that being gay is ok. I could not care less if you are gay just stop shoving it in my face. I cannot think of a time that shoving facts into someones face has ever worked. Please stop these parades and shit. They solve nothing and cause more problems than they solve.

  • Inclusion of everyone

    Being a teenage lesbian i support everything that the LGBT+ stands for and do attend prides and parades in my area. I disagree that they are not needed and ridiculous! It's about the inclusion of everyone ( that includes straight people too) it's a time to celebrate how far we have evolved, have a good time and meet some new people! There is still a lot of hate towards people in the LGBT+ community. Your sexuality is who you are, just like your race and religion. People should be aloud to express themselves and if you don't like it don't attend. Simple as.

  • Yes we get it already

    I agree that homophobia is extremely wrong, and do not at all disrespect LGBTQ people, but is it really necessary to promote homosexuality the way it is being done today? These parades are extremely awkward for straight people as they cannot publicly state disliking without being shamed as "homophobic." If everyone is truely equal, then shouldn't people also be allowed to say they are proud to be straight?

  • Its enough already.

    I'm all for you people get all equal rights and everything, but you are just becoming a nuisance already. I respect all of you that live your lives without disturbing the lives of others. I (and most people) don't care what you do with your sexual life or preference or whatever but you are just becoming annoying on a daily basis. You are gay? Cool bruh, thanks for the information, now beat it and keep on with your life, there's no need AT ALL to be so noisy about it, and let me tell you more, you all keep on with this and you will just make people dislike you, not because of being gay or w/e but to be so annoying about it. And hey, if you are still going to be noisy, try to at least be respectful in the process, because much of what I've seen in these things is very disrespectful to other people. Then don't ask to be respected. My deepest respect to all decent LGBT community.

  • Don't Mind Gays

    I don't mind gay people several of my friends are gay. The parades however make lots of people feel uncomfortable. Especially when they are wearing next to nothing and making a bunch of sexual acts in public. If you are gay and have pride keep it to yourself and stop being annoying.

  • Yes They Are

    Gay Parades are a hideously outdated idea whos time has come and gone.If gays truly want to be accepted into society then they have no need for these parades which segregate them in such a manner.It's time gays moved into the 21st century and canned the camp pride parades. Adios.

  • All parades are annoying and unnecessary.

    Parades provide entertainment for stupid people much like sports and religion. There is no need for these activities because there is so much more interesting and productive activities like community service, peace corps, etc that do something beneficial to the community.
    I support the LGBT community as their personal choice and the govt shouldn't have a say what goes on in a citizen's private residence. However, parades are all annoying and need to go the way of the dodo.

  • From a gay

    Whilst everything that a parade stands for needs to be addressed but there has to be better ways than just being extremely annoying and being colourful.

    I am gay and thus i obviously respect the freedoms that LGBT groups bring, as I am a member of several that allow our voices to be heard... And the freedoms to have your voice heard is something that is very important, however I do not understand how parades bring about respect for the LGBT community or allow their opinions to be heard

  • In a hetero-normative world

    Every day people in the LGBT community are FORCED to live in hetero-normative world. The pride parades celebrate how far we have come and show that this is the new century and we will not allow arrogant biggoted jerks shove their religion down our throats and threaten us with eternal torture. Gay prides are what gives people in the LGBT community hope to continue on the fight.

  • Whats wrong with them

    They are there to celebrate how far we have come in society, not simply to raise awareness of current issues. If you're not celebrating with us then fine you don't have to attend, you are not forced too. And no we still face issues, the suicide rate is still extremely high among lgbt teens, there is clearly still homophobia etc.... I see nothing wrong with celebrating how far we have come in society, as that all it is...A celebration and a bloody fun one at that.

  • Ok people listen

    Apparently you didn't know that lgbt+ people are being killed left in right either by themselves or by people who are so homophobic that they feel the need to kill people over it. Are YOU KILLED FOR BEING STRAIGHT OR CIS, no, you haven't heard of any straight or cis people being killed for being straight or cis. HAVE YOU HEARD OF PEOPLE GETTING KICKED OUT OF THEIR HOMES FOR BEING STRAIGHT OR CIS. Reality check, I don't think so. Just cause your lucky and got to be in a majority, doesn't mean you have to be jealous of all the attention, for once, the lgbt+ Community is getting. Just because you haven't died, gotten kicked out of your homes, been discriminated against FOR BEING STRAIGHT OR CIS.Ya sure we'll give you a pride day for doing absolutely nothing. And just because we have pride day and pride month and pride parades doesn't mean you any less valid then us. All we are trying to do is to be as valid as you.

  • Its a representation matter you knobs

    LGBT representation in media is still poor and badly done. LGBT parades force people to recognize that you can't just ignore and shun LGBT people. Its a celebration also for those who are LGBT, a well needed one. It makes us feel accepted and allows us to celebrate what so many people want to ignore. Maybe they irritate people, but if thats the case, just ignore the parade. Get on with your own life, we're not doing anything bad to you. We're enjoying ourselves. We 'shove' our sexuality down peoples throats because we aren't treated as equals yet.

  • It is a public Support Movement

    It is a public support movement. If you don't have any people behind a cause, or any place for people to meet that believe in the cause, then how are you supposed to be able to complete or even start a cause. The thing is, that though parades may be annoying and dumb. This is the least annoying and dumb of all of them

  • Pride parades are absolutely still needed

    Pride parades are named as such because of the amount of shame and stigma that's attached to the LGBTQ label. You have to understand this is uniquely the loneliest minority to be a part of, as all other minorities based on religion, race, ethnicity or what have you, can at least count on their family's support.

    You don't have to come out to your family if you're black or hispanic or muslim, and (though I'm in no way comparing those two experiences) as hard as it is to face violence and discrimination from society, it is immeasurably more hurtful to face that kind of rejection from your own family, especially since most people start to question their sexuality at such an emotionally vulnerable age. We've all probably struggled with issues of self worth in our teenage years, so I'm sure you can imagine how damaging it must be to have your worst thoughts about yourself being verbally confirmed and thrown at you with vitriol by your own parents, especially for something so intrinsic and unchangeable. The staggering suicide rates (almost 50%!) for LGBTQ youth start to make a lot more sense.

    There are of course quite a few good coming out experiences now but that's only true for certain parts of the world, and it's precisely because queer people have persistently been so loud and visible. That self reaffirming message and sense of solidarity that pride parades provide lends its power not only to the people there, but to the gay people watching in less fortunate areas of the world.

    Pride parades are NOT about advertising homosexuality or shoving their sexual orientation down your throats. They are not about telling you that they are gay. They are simply not about YOU in any way shape or form.

    What they are is a way for LGBTQ people to visibly see that they are not alone. That this is something to be celebrated. To be proud of. That all the struggle and fighting they've had to do their entire lives had been worth it. On the surface it may seem whimsical and meaningless but to the LGBTQ community it's a chance to reaffirm their place in a society that insists on denying their existence.

    Make no mistake, every pride parade is a revolution in full color.

  • No, not really

    I don't really understand why it would be a problem for some people. I mean we have an Irish heritage parade around here every March. I'm not Irish I don't really have any strong feelings about the Irish but, I can still enjoy a good parade. In short don't be a wet blanket and just enjoy the parade.

  • Its all about Adam and Steve

    How is bringing a child to a parade for gays immoral? It shows them that its okay to be different and that they should embrace who they are. The parades are there for them to express themselves so how is that indecent. At the end of the day everyone was created equally and they should have the same rights as everyone else. Gay parades and shirts may be annoying to you but its their way to express themselves and show that they are individuals just like anyone else in the world

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Forthelulz says2015-06-16T21:28:29.110
Just ignore them. Take a walk, watch a movie, do something. They do not have to command your attention. Bam, freedom of expression.