• Yes, they are the new civil rights movement.

    It is changing rapidly, and the prejudice against gays in the United States is a big issue now. Anyone who compares this new attitude to the attitude of even a decade ago will be amazed at the acceptance found. However, there is a lot of work still to be done and this is the civil rights issue of this time.

  • Illegal immigration is bigger

    No, although gay rights is a major topic going on in the country today, I think that the growing Hispanic population is a much larger issue. The number of Hispanics in California is now actually larger that the amount of whites that live there, and many people are against this.

  • It is a hot topic.

    Yes, gay rights are the biggest issue in America's culture war, because it seems to be the issue that everyone is using to talk about our larger issues. There are many issues in the culture war. Another big one is abortion. But gay rights are, for right now, the thing that people are using to talk about our larger issues of cultural differences.

  • Battlefield is religion

    The heart of social conservatism is hard line and fundamental religion in the US, and social conservatism is the heart of the massive political divide in the country. Without social issues, compromise is far easier to reach and would stop the growing divide between the people in certain regions of the country.

  • Women's Rights More Important

    If America has a culture war, we need to take care of women ahead of gays. There are too many single mother births and too many men abandoning their pregnant women in America today. That's where an unending cycle of poverty and welfare comes from--men who won't own up to their responsibilities and take care of the family. We need to fix childhood poverty first before tackling the issue of gay rights.

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