Are gender quotas in the EU benefitial for the member states economies?

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  • EU Gender Quotas Not Helpful

    The gender quotas imposed by the European Union are not beneficial for the economies of the member states. On the contrary, these gender quotas actually hurt member states' economies because qualified workers aren't given the jobs they deserve once the gender caps have been met for that period of the year.

  • Not getting better

    People not being elected to X or people not being in position to do Y is not, as people almost always argue, due to prejudice or hate, but rather because they are not as strong candidates. While its easy to support measures to bridge gaps in education or opportunity, forcing certain numbers into certain positions is counter productive.

  • No I don't think so

    No I do not think that gender quotas in the EU are beneficial for the member state economies. I think that they have gender quotas to try and make things equal, but in reality it just keeps people who are qualified from getting ahead. I think that if someone is qualified, then they should participate.

  • Gender Quotas a Bad Idea

    In the European Union, gender quotas are not beneficial for member states and their economies. Gender quotas ensure that the most qualified individuals don't make their way into the best positions. Therefore, a country's economy actually suffers when these quotas are implemented, so they should be removed immediately to avoid problems.

  • No, it is unfair.

    No, gender quotas in the EU are not beneficial for the member states economies, because the countries should be able to send whatever representatives they think are fair. Someone's opinion is not always better just because they are male or female. What about a quota for persons with disabilities? There is not way to always make it exactly equal.

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