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  • Yes they are needed

    Gender has a role in every animal's life. Like lioness hunt for food not the male lion. If anyone can do anything than it would lead to confusion. Each gender has its strength and weaknesses and gender roles are assigned seeing the same. But no person should be forced to do it like a man can't take office pressure than he should leave it and sit at home. Same is for women

  • The Human Race

    I believe the need for gender roles in societies only indicate that the stated society is in a state that is culturally undeveloped and is unable to realize that a 99.99% percent of "gender" jobs can be completed by the other gender. Sure, the affirmative side could present the argument that our brains are set in the fashion that favors certain jobs, but those are just remains of a age of hunters and gatherers, an age that we no longer need to embrace

  • It shouldn't be !👎

    If you think you are a civilized person you should let go the old thoughts. Despite the biological difference men and women are humans. Like Mary Wollstonecraft said they are both entitled to natural rights . It really doesn't matter if both genders do household works because the needed output is to live in a clean home and to eat healthy delicious food I also believe that raising children shouldn't be laid only on the women because the child is for both.

  • Nope. Not really..

    We can do whatever we want and it doesn't mean if you're a female then you need to stay home and take care of the houseworks, it's their decision and no one can judge them what to do. Even if you're a male, it really doesn't mean you need to go out to work and earn money, you can also stay home and do house works.

  • What is the point?

    I am a woman and I can't cook or sew, I just am no good at those things. But it does not matter, I am good at other things. People don't fit into little boxes just because you want them to. People should do what they want in life regardless of their gender.

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