Are gender separate bathrooms the same as race seperate bathrooms?

Asked by: hect
  • I think so

    What is the difference we are all human beings, how does one decide what type of human should be separate from an other. The only real issue worth considering would be in my view safety. In my country many places are working towards unisex bathrooms which again in my view is a good think.

    Posted by: hect
  • This is not a stupid idea.

    First of all, rationally I believe one way while emotionally I believe this in a completely different way. I'll start with how I believe this emotionally.

    There is something like a uni-sex toilet at my local cinema. You open the door and it’s a large room with each cubicle either having a female or male sign on it. I am female and after I left the cubicle a boy and his father or grandfather came in to the washroom. The boy said, ‘Why is she in here? Isn’t this my toilet?’ I didn’t quite hear what the father or grandfather responded, but I think it was something like, ‘This is your toilet, this is just a bit different.’ Anyway, when they came in, I felt threatened. Emotionally, I felt threatened. It’s a grandfather and his son walking into a room! Why was I offended or threatened? I don’t actually know and I don’t think rationally I should have been. Potentially, I have been conditioned to think that men are threatening, but I don’t actually know.

    Anyway, after some thought, I shouldn’t have felt threatened by that brief experience. I should have been polite and said, ‘The boys cubicles are over there.’ What’s wrong with seeing a different gender in the same room outside of the cubicle? In the cubicle is a completely different thing, though (however this does go over society’s odd view on nudity)! I don’t think it’s even necessary that the cubicles be labeled either female or male either though. At the same time, either they should do away with the idea of urinals or put urinals into separate cubicles.

    This isn’t necessarily about privacy - it’s actually about how we view nudity and bodily functions. We view nudity as bad, but it’s not inherently bad. It’s merely a state of being. We’re all naked under the clothes we wear. What’s wrong with that? We cover up so that we’re not cold - not necessarily so that we aren’t offending anyone. We’re just conditioned to think that nudity is bad and offensive. I don’t really know why we are though.

    Gender separate bathrooms are similar to race separate bathrooms because of the emphasis on the fact that the two genders have different body parts - much like the archaic and superficial idea that whites and blacks were somehow different. Just because one person has a penis and another person has a vagina does not mean that they need separate rooms for the same bodily functions.

  • I feel so

    In todays world, I can't even tell what gender and or sex some people are. The world isn't black and white like how bathroom use to be. I personally have close friends that have different preferences, so let's not pretend that only a girl and guy are the only type of couple.

  • There's no law banning one sex from using the other's toilet.

    When it was racially distinct bathrooms, if there wasn't a law, there was certainly a lot of social stigma attached to you using a toilet that wasn't your colour's toilet.
    There's no law - and probably a lot less social stigma - attached to using a different sex's toilet.
    The only similarity is that both are stupid ideas - having different toilets for different sexes and different bathrooms for different races is a stupid thing. Have unisex, uniracial toilets. Why not?

  • Wtf heck no

    Why is this even a thing? There a is a reason that these barriers exist people! They don't want people to have to see other gender's body parts when you just want to go pee. Racial bathrooms were created so that people of opposite races can be seperate against their will. Back then there were 4 different bathroom types, white male, white female, black male, and black female. Do we really only want one type of bathroom?

  • There are different reasons

    The reasons for race separated bathrooms are for different than the reasons for gender separated bathrooms. The reason for gender separated bathrooms is for privacy. Females and Males both have different bodies and females should protect themselves . Race seperated bathrooms are separating two different races which is entirely different and also very wrong.

  • That's a stupid idea

    Different genders have different body parts. Different races don't have different Body parts. Ones private parts are specific to their gender, not their race. These are private parts witch people dont want members of the opposite sex to see because they'll be aroused. A woman has the right to enter a women's bathroom so men won't be aroused by her body. Black and white vaginas are the same. White vaginas and white penises aren't the same.

  • They're wanted by people of both genders

    Many men and women want separate bathrooms. Unisex ones are necessary, but so are separate ones. This way, no one is being discriminated against. Discrimination was the cause of separate race bathrooms. If both the men and women want separate restrooms, no one is being hurt. As long as we also have unisex ones, everyone can be happy.

  • Comes down to intention

    The intent of race segregated bathrooms was a mistrust of other racial groups, and viewing them as being inferior and unwanted with the main population.

    Gender segregation in bathrooms has no value associated with it. It is a functional, modesty based thing. One is set up for one set of parts, the other for the other set of parts. Unless you can say that they are segregating the genders to show the other as lesser, then you can't really say that they are the same.

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  • The 13th and the 14th Amendments Apply to the Rights of African Americans.....

    There are other laws that apply to discrimination against African Americans. That's why affirmative action might be applied constitutionally for them but may not be unconstitutional for others. So it's not the same. See below:

    In reaching their decision the Supreme Court first had to decide whether Congress had the power to enact the Civil Rights Act of 1866. Justice Potter Stewart, writing for the majority, turned to the Thirteenth Amendment and observed that it was adopted to remove the "badges of slavery" and that it gave Congress power to effect that removal. Stewart wrote:
    Congress has the power under the Thirteenth Amendment rationally to determine what are the badges and the incidents of slavery, and the authority to translate that determination into effective legislation…. [W]hen racial discrimination herds men into ghettos and makes their ability to buy property turn on the color of their skin, then it too is a relic of slavery.

  • Fundamental differences between gender and race

    Anyone who argues that segregating public bathrooms by gender is the same as segregating public bathrooms by race is neglecting a fundamental difference between gender and race. A black man and a white man are physically no different. The only reason that they appear slightly different is superficial, and quite literally "skin deep." However, it is foolish to pretend that there is no biological difference between men and women. Segregation by gender (with regards to public bathrooms) is used to protect the privacy and honor the wishes of the vast majority of people. By wanting bathrooms separated by gender, we are not saying that one gender is any better than the other; we are simply seeking to protect our own privacy by not relieving ourselves alongside people of the opposite sex. Segregating public restrooms by race is wrong. Segregating public restrooms by gender is common sense.

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