• Some gender-specific jobs are acceptable.

    Some jobs are appropriate for only one gender. Gynecologists should be women, and doctors of men's health should be men. Most parents feel safer if babysitters are women. Aside from a few specific jobs, however, both genders should be able to do any job they want to, and there should not be discrimination.

  • That would be sexism... Which is bad.

    Sure there are some jobs that appeal more to one gender rather than the other, but I think that's largely societal conditioning (except in manual labor jobs as men are generally physically stronger than women and thus more able to do those jobs). There shouldn't be any gender bias when it comes to employment. If you're a capable individual you shouldn't be discriminated against.

  • Sometimes it's a matter of dignity

    Care for the elderly for example,
    An elderly woman will be very upset having a male carer for her personal needs.And vice versa for a man of course.
    And under no circumstances should a person be hired because she's female.
    It should always be the best candidate.That way you get the best job done.

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