Are gender stereotypes being perpetuated by parent who feel that they must raise their son as female to engage in the domestic duties?

Asked by: Mizztaurus86
  • Yes it's wrong

    Parents should not be allowing their sons for such foolish reason. I would never raise my child as the opposite sex. Teach your children the concept of gender roles so they can understand. Let's not allow things like this as parents to continue to go on. How sorry you weren't a boy or girl no matter how much money you spend to change you body parts your still what you were born as point blank

  • I think you are confused about what gender dysmorphic disorder is.

    If there is a parent raising a biological male as a female, it's because there's a female brain contained in a body with the incorrect genitalia to match. That doesn't have anything to do with traditional roles. And typically, those children who have been born in this unfortunate circumstance are the ones who choose what they like and don't like. Their parents aren't making them play with dolls, they want to play with dolls. And there's nothing wrong with a woman (like me) being a homemaker(like me) and mother(like me) and doing the housework(like me) as long as it is CHOSEN and never EXPECTED.

  • I don't see how this correlates.

    No. Most parents I've encountered aren't forcing stereotypes on children, as they do their domestic duties. When I was a lad, I was forced to do my domestic duties despite any stereotypes.

    Stereotypically woman are the ones doing the dishes. I doubt any reasonable parent is forcing their son to wear clothes intended for girls, as they do the dishes.

    It's improbable anyone would do this because it won't work. Domestic duties are not engaging despite gender stereotypes. So, no parents aren't forcing gender roles on kids to engage them in domestic duties.

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