Are gene patents related to food and agricultural products a good idea?

  • Gene patents are a good thing for food and agriculture products.

    The idea of gene patents for food and agriculture products is not a bad one. If a company spends lots of money and time researching and coming up with ideas, they should be allowed to earn that money back and more to fund future endeavors. That doesn't mean there shouldn't be regulations though, so that no company can hold our food hostage.

    Posted by: H0bi3Invader
  • Gene patents related to food are a good idea.

    I do believe that gene patents related to food and agricultural products is a good idea. It lets you know where the meat and food came from. Also it protects from falsely labeled meat that could be clone meat. I believe that the public has the right to know where the food comes from.

    Posted by: barbiegirll
  • Patenting a gene sequence of a plant will then apply by default liability to the company if it causes harm, so yes it is a good idea.

    In our litigious society I don't think it is a bad idea to allow a company to patent gene sequences for agricultural products. Genetically modified corn that has made it into the human food supply is already being blamed for some health problems in humans. Being able to trace a genetically modified product back to a company that lays claim to the gene modification will then more likely prove liability for products that harm people or the environment. Sooner or later someone will have to pay for a gene sequence gone wrong, so it would be good to have a paper trail back to the company.

    Posted by: Z Frye
  • I believe that gene patents related to food and agricultural products is a good idea provided the genetic make up of the product is unique and developed by man.

    A great deal of time, money and expertise is invested in the development of genetically modified products. If these were not subject to patents there would be no incentive to continue developing and improving them. The ability to patent the finished products genetic sequence enables the company to own the rights to distribute and market it exclusively. This in turn brings in revenue to reinvest in new products and offer a return to the shareholders.

    Posted by: R3n5God2iIIa
  • It is unamerican to allow these companies to control our food

    We have never in our history had an assault on something so vital to our survival! These corporations will control the availability of our food crops if left to their own devices. They are changing our agricultural landscape and we are producing a more narrow genetically modified crop which creates a significant risk should the crops fail due to unforeseen circumstances. Not acceptable!

  • They are not a good idea

    Beause it creats an sustainable agricultural product that we don't need in our food. Crops are better off with out GMOs. You are letting a company own the food chain and their profit minded brain will do any thing to creat new things in their mind "will save the world from food hunger" but actualy damages the natural ressitance ablitiy of the crops leading to negative out comes to our food system

  • What happens when the only available seeds are those that are patented?

    One day when Monsanto has successfully bullied all of the farmers, it will have complete control over the soy bean market in the U.S. Imagine Monsanto, and perhaps other corporations gaining control over all of the crop types. These genetic engineers are not interested in contributing to the betterment of life. They are in it for the money, which always leads to control. The availability of food is a fundamental right. The mere fact that the government gives out food stamps is a testament to that. Farmers and consumers will have little to no choice in what is grown and fed to Americans if patenting of food is continued to be allowed. Is that what we want?

  • Gene patents for food and agriculture are a bad idea, because of the deleterious effect on farmers who choose not to use the patented seed.

    When farmers plant patented crops in their fields, they are setting up a situation that can drive other farmers out of business. If the patented crop seed spreads through the natural process of pollination, the farmers who don't use patent seeds run the risk of being sued for patent infringement. This puts pressure on all farmers in an area to use the patent seed, which means that farmers have to pay more money, and also that anything problematic in the seed becomes a large problem, because all farmers are using the same seed.

    Posted by: KenP4t
  • Gene patents are not a good idea, because it only encourages unethical agricultural practices.

    Our food is far too regulated, as it is. Allowing companies to place gene patents on agricultural products will have unethical consequences. Companies wanting to control the growth or manufacture of these foods will unnaturally modify the foods to do so. An example is making plants sterile, so that they will not bear seeds that will grow. In this way, seeds must be bought by the company that produces the patent. This genetically modified food could have several scientific and adverse consequences to other foods.

    Posted by: J Lamb 43
  • I think gene patents for food and agricultural products are a bad idea because genes are a part of plants, restricting the use of them will do nothing but hurt what the market can produce.

    Patents have long been a part of our economy, ensuring that inventors have the exclusive rights to the things that they create. Genes, however, are not created, so they should not be patented. All plants and animals have specific genes that give them traits, but restricting the usage of genes in agricultural and food products would just limit what people would be able to produce. Genes are not a gear or another similar invention, they are the building blocks of life and should therefore not be awarded patents.

    Posted by: LongBo86
  • I do not think that gene patents related to food are a good idea, because anything that is beneficial to the general public should be as widely accessible as possible.

    I am not against gene patents for ethical reasons relating to DNA, but rather am against gene patents because they may give an individual person or company a monopoly on something so beneficial, that it should be widely accessible to the general population.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • It is my opinion that it is unethical to patent food products, because companies such as Monsanto are tempted to monopolize production.

    The Monsanto Company is notorious for patenting genetically-modified seeds, which can only be used for one planting season. Not only does this go against nature, but farmers who use these seeds must sign a contract to continue purchasing them every year. Monsanto is also known for endless litigation and harassment against farmers. It can be argued that Monsanto wants to establish a monopoly over the production of grains for food.

    Posted by: R Bowen
  • Although gene patents may improve the aesthetic qualities of vegetables and other foods, they may also disrupt the genetic code inherent in living things, paving the way for unknown and possibly dangerous consequences.

    There have been studies to prove that gene patents may have a negative effect on the environment, human health, and the economy. A recent study indicated that gene patents may cause harm to other organisms, and also may lead to pesticides being less effective. In addition, gene patents may also lead to increased allergies in individuals eating modified products. Lastly, enforcing these patents may lead to additional costs in the agricultural industry.

    Posted by: PenitentThomas73
  • No I do not agree, gene patents with regard to food and agriculture is not a good idea.

    I think that since we are dealing with the unknown we should just let it go. With regards to gene patents in food and agriculture we do not know the consequence of what our actions might be. We may be able to patent and end world hunger but what if we caused some other disease and then no cure for it. Leave everything the way nature intended, it's just perfect that way.

    Posted by: StripperMor

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One has to honour property rights and Laws of other sciences

Laws of Economics, allied sciences and Property rights are involved. Please reconsider taking unilateral issues into the matter

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