Are Generations X and Y ruining financial prosperity for Generation Z?

  • Some nuances are subtle but others are not.

    The Builders (Early 1900′s to Mid 1940′s) – dutiful, frugal, stoic, proper.

    The Boomers (Mid 1940′s to Mid 1960′s) – optimistic, stylish, career focused & prosperous, assertive, afraid of ageing.

    Gen X (Mid 1960′s to Early 1980′s) – sceptical, cynical, flexible, independent, non-collective, committed to friends over family, pragmatic.

    Gen Y (Early 1980′s to Late 1990′s) – high self-esteem & confidence, well-educated, ambitious, tolerant, tech savvy, socially aware.

    Gen Z (Late 1990′s – to whenever) – tech savvy, prematurely mature, pampered, empowered, risk averse, protected.

    Generation Z is looked at as the Generation that needs to solve the worlds problems that X and Y created. Z has to overcome all the barriers that we have set for them when most could have been avoided. I am optimistic that Generation Z is thrifty and frugal growing up in financial crisis after financial crisis. Kids today have had to grow up faster than most generations because for some of Generation Z, War in the Middle East, Tolerance issues and stock market roller coaster rides our generation has not facilitated a very stable world. Generation Z is the most Linked in via internet and cell phones. Most of the Generation have only known the profound abilities of Technology that Generation X and Y had to learn gradually to embrace. Some disturbing things Z is facing is the class warfare battles, financial irresponsibility of Govt Spending. I think some positives for Generation Z are that they are certainly socially aware, "climate change" worries them, from a young age a number of them became vegetarians in meat-eating families. I suspect they will be more accepting of difference, gay, straight, disabled, black, white I don’t think they are going to notice so much. Perhaps the influence of popular culture plays a part in that, Glee with multi-racial cast, a kid in a wheelchair and gay storylines, Modern Family with a gay couple going through the same trials and tribulations as any other parents.

    There’s no doubt they are the most over-protected generation to have ever walked the earth. Their Generation X parents raised in a culture of benign neglect, the first generation of divorce and two parents working, we undoubtedly overcompensated with our children. Could we have been more INVOLVED? We also held our babies as we watched the towers collapse in New York, and bombs going off in Bali, and I think those days are part of defining our parenting of this generation. It just made everything seem that much more unsafe, travel seemed like a high risk proposition, even visiting popular landmarks in your own country took on an edge of danger, I remember seeing an increased presence of security guards patrolling the Sydney Opera House around that time. High Alert became a term. I’m hoping they can overcome their bubblewrap childhoods to discover their resilience and ingenuity.

  • X and Y are not generations, they are games!

    While I admit that Pokémon X and Y kinda suck (They got rid of everything that was boring and predictable about all of the other Pokémon games. I happened to like that stuff) I think that they have expanded the pokemon empire to even greater heights. I can't wait until the make a re-make of the Hoenn region!

  • No, the Boomers and a bit of help from their parents did that.

    But we can be the ones who bring financial prosperity back to Gen Z. That's one of my life's goals. I want to leave this country a better place for its children than when I lived in it. I expect that Gen X (me) won't enjoy very much prosperity. We are going to have to embrace a new ethic and a new concept of wealth. Our prosperity and wealth will be found in the prosperity and wealth of our children and grandchildren. We will evaluate our financial success by asking; how successful are my children financially and how financially secure are my grandchildren. Some people might say; they won't acknowledge your sacrifice and hard work. They'll complain just like everyone else does.
    That will be painful, but in the end irrelevant. What matters is my goal. Do they have good medical care? Do they have a decent home? Do they have healthy meals that they enjoy? Do they have reasonable access to the things they want in life? Some others will ask why go to the trouble you won't enjoy any of it your self. My response..... "Why not?"

    This is my creed make it yours and spread it everywhere, don't worry about attributing it to me.

    "We must secure the existence of the United States of America and a future for ALL American children."

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