• Yes generic drugs are as safe as the name brands they are a clone of.

    Since the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) requires that OTC (over-the-counter) and prescription generic drugs have exactly the same active ingredients in the same strength as the brands they copy they have the same level of safety as the originals. Additionally the FDA requires that a generic must be demonstrated to be the “bioequivalent” of the brand name drug by testing.

    So generics are a safe, cost effective option to the higher priced brand name drug.

  • Sure they are

    In most cases generic drugs are just brand names without he brand name on the coating, what they actually consist of is literally exactly the same as the more expensive option. If you trust the brand name then there's no reason to not trust the generics to, as, again, they are literally the same thing.

  • Generic drugs are safe.

    In order to be sold, they have to meet FDA regulations. The Pharmacy gives you all the information, and the only difference between the "real" stuff and generic is the brand name. There are certain drugs that you can not get generic, so I am pretty sure there is a difference.

  • Yes generic drugs are safe

    Yes, I believe that generic drugs are just as safe as well-known drugs that are not considered generic drugs. Generic drugs provide the same benefits but at usually a much cheaper cost than prescription drugs. I think that generic drugs are safe and can help those families who may be on a tight budget.

  • No, generic drugs are not safe.

    No, I think that generic drugs are not safe and have too many side effects that can cause serious damage or even death if not taken accurately. I think that generic drugs should be warned against taking, and that they are just not safe enough to be taken by patients.

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