• GM foods are good

    Genetically modified foods (GM foods) are foods that have been modified using biotechnology. Most known GM foods are pineapples, strawberries and potatoes. GM foods are made to last longer, have more nutrients, taste better and also the crops will have a higher quantity when harvested. Do genetically modified foods do more harm than good? I believe that genetically modified are not harmful because they have been modifying foods for centuries with no known harmful effects.

  • GMO is the future

    Genetically modified foods have been tested over and over again. Never revealing any problems, the test that show rats getting cancer and tumors, where frauds. The lab showed false information. GMO foods are a good chance to increase food production, because it has defenses against bugs already built in. It also reduces the amount of chemicals needed on crops. Another bonus is the one chemical they do use round up doesn't run off into water and breaks down quickly.

  • Genetically modified foods are beneficial.

    I'm a little frustrated seeing all the negative posts like "GMO Studies show that..." Excuse me, what studies do you refer to? I get a very strong suspicion that they are basically quoting from a Facebook link or something on YouTube. I am a biotechnology student pretty well-versed in recombinant proteins and nucleic acids. I see how enraged people get over a genetically altered tomato, yet continue to take commercially produced drugs, buy grass seed and pretty flowers for their yard and eat at fast food restaurants. Anyone get the connection irony here? I can only say that as the population of the world continues to boom and the available space to grow crops for human consumption continues to shrink, we're all going to be glad to have these plants that will probably save our lives.

  • More Nutritional

    Gm foods can be very nutritional and can have a much larger yield than un-altered crops. This is especially helpful in places like Africa where there isn't good soil to grow the necessary crops to sustain themselves.

    In addition, the people who are altering these crops are not doing it with chemicals or anything else like that, they are doing it with the plants genetic makeup.

  • Yes

    GM foods help by supplying more nutrients to food. Also, GM foods are able to withstand colder weather, droughts, and floods. They maturation time is also decreased in GM foods. Though many people think that there is too much toxicity in GM foods, the toxicity is actually only strong enough to kill pests. It is actually completely harmless to mammals. If GM foods are used, then the world will be healthier place.

  • Genetically modified foods are given a negative connotation unfairly.

    Genetically modified foods are beneficial to the environment, health, and are more durable than normal plants. By engineering the Bt toxin in the genomes of plants, scientists have reduced the need for pesticides. The Bt toxin is only toxic to the insects that eat it. That means only pests are affected. Also, it's harmless to humans. This is better than using traditional pesticides because it's target specific, and it affects the bugs that eat roots of plants as well as those that burrow in the plant tissues. Those bugs were previously unaffected because pesticides are applied to the plant externally. Health wise, Gm foods are actually beneficial. Scientists can make them more nutritious, or even add vaccines to the foods. Of course, there are risks, just like in everything else. People are worried about the possibility of allergic reactions. However, since scientists have identified the risks, they can isolate them and work out other methods, or get rid of the problem altogether. Furthermore, genetically modified foods might eventually cause less allergic reactions. Lastly, GM foods are stronger than normal foods. They have been manipulated to grow in conditions that they normally wouldn't be able to survive in. They can survive better when facing droughts and frost. They have better traits. GM foods are given a negative connotation because people fear new things, and new ideas. Some members of the opposing side would say it isn't natural; however it couldn't be more natural. In life, you have to evolve to survive. Our knowledge evolves with us. This is the next step in evolution, and it's a helpful survival factor.

  • I live on a farm

    On my family's farm we grow a lot of GMO crops; corn, wheat, millet, etc.... Since GMOs came to our farm our production rates have went up significantly. GMOs DO help with drought tolerance and production rate. Production is key in our future; by 2050 we need to produce more food than we have in the past 100 years combined every year. GMOs are our best chance here. If we can't make the production quota people will starve. So before people go out bashing GMOs think about your future and your children's...

  • 100% for Genetically Modified foods

    The people against it are obivously ignornant.
    I'd rather eat GMO products than die of starvation. It has not been proven that GMO causes cancer. This can change the world. Earths poplulation is only getting larger. The more people, the less food. GMO is a faster and easyier way to make food. This really can save many people from sarvation. If you don't want to eat it, DONT. The point in creating GMO products was to help stop hunger from all over the world.

  • They will save the world

    All I have to say on the matter is that organic food can't be cultivated in a high enough volume to satisfy the worlds needs without hyper inflation of the price of food. Which is just not an option unless you want anyone aside from North Americans/Europeans to starve. There already is enough people going hungry on a daily basis and I see no reason to add to it. The other problem is the environmental damage. It takes a huge degree more land to cultivate the same amount of organic crop as it takes for a GMO crop leading to more soil erosion more fertilizer and chemical sprays used etc...

  • It's been around for a very long time.

    Most of the food we see today, even 'naturally grown' food, would be unrecognizable to people a few thousand years ago. For example, maize in Mexico was turned from a weedy, useless plant to the juicy, essential food source we enjoy today by SELECTION and SELECTIVE BREEDING. All the food we eat is genetically modified in some way, just because you're growing it in your own garden without pesticides doesn't mean that the seed you planted didn't come from an organism that underwent huge selection in the past to make it bigger or sweeter. All biotechnology is doing is speeding up this process.

  • Humans are not meant to eat modified foods.

    What did our ancestors eat? I can surely tell you that it wasn't genetically modified foods. They got by and even advanced to bigger and better things that have gotten humans to where we are right now. Why mess with mother nature and why can't these scientists leave well enough alone? It isn't right to mess with nature. Also, as far as creating Bio foods for the people and children who are starving and that are on the streets, well, that is a bunch nonsense! The reason why there are starving humans is because of the harsh economy. For example, if the population is too big we will end up running out food for every one. We can cross that bridge when we get to it. If there are going to be genetically modified foods sold in the local supermarket then there should be labels on them. That is my opinion.

  • Awful

    GM seeds and foods can cause risks of toxins that have never been there before. This can cause death of many people, and, Once the mutant genes are out of the bag, there is no going back. Genetically modified organisms contaminate existing seeds with their altered material, passing on modified traits to non-target species. This creates a new strain of plant that was never intended in the laboratory. In North Dakota, recent studies show that 80% of wild canola plants tested contained at least one transgene. In Japan, a modified bacteria created a new amino acid not found in nature; it was used in protein drinks and before it was recalled it cause severe mental and metabolic damage to hundreds as well as several deaths. Japan banned GMOs after this horrific experience. Monarch butterflies have also died after their favorite food, milkweed, was cross-pollinated from Bt corn which rendered it toxic to the endangered species.
    GMOs are not the answer for global food security. Genetically engineered crops have shown no increase in yield and no decrease in pesticide use. In many cases other farm technology has proven much more successful, and even Monsanto agrees that its genetically engineered crops yield less than conventional farming.
    Genetically engineered foods have not been proven to be safe, but the few studies conducted don’t look so hot. The organs of rats who ate genetically modified potatoes showed signs of chronic wasting, and female rates fed a diet of herbicide-resistant soybeans gave birth to stunted and sterile pups.
    Big biotech firms have very sketchy track records, but then again what would you expect from organizations who want to patent the world’s food supply? These massive biotech companies have a history of toxic contamination, deceiving the public and suing small farmers when their patented seeds blew across the fence. Biotech firms sell sterile seeds to African farmers- meaning the seeds are only good for one season, because the plants that grow up will not be able to reproduce. Farmers must buy new seeds every year instead of growing from the previous year’s yield. GMOs are not the farmers’ friend.
    GMOs require massive amounts of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. These things are poisons, and should not be eaten or allowed to run off into our water supply. But they are, every day, by companies who care far more about the bottom line than they do about your health, your environment or your children’s future.

    The bottom line is that genetically modified organisms have not been proven in any way to be safe, and most of the studies are actually leaning the other direction, which is why many of the world’s countries have banned these items whose DNA has been genetically engineered. In America, they aren’t even labeled, much less banned, so the majority of the populace has no idea that they are eating lab-created DNA on a daily basis.

  • GM foods kill lab tested rats

    Rats tested in a private lab in 2008 and fed GMO foods showed heart blockage, cancer and died at an earlier age than those who were fed organic foods. I was born in 1993 (the start of GM foods) and I have been eating them since I was a child. My generation is not going to live as long as our parents did and it scares me.

  • They Don't Tell Us What We Are Eating

    It's a horrible thing to inject our foods with chemicals and other modifications and then Congress passes a law saying they don't have to tell us what's in them! It's absolutely stupid to think that people don't want to know what they are feeding their family. I live in a house of five and I only shop at the local Farmers Market so that I know what I'm putting on my family's table at dinner.

  • Good for having extra produce, bad for human and animal consumption

    From birth to 14 all I ate was GMO products without even realizing it. From Doritos, Hamburger Helper, to drinking Mountain Dew, Pepsi etc. Whatever was at Walmart I ate. I had really bad allergies especially to pollen. I would "randomly" get sick even though I exercised nearly everyday. I would always throw up at least once every year which was weird looking back at it. It's now been a year since I've ate any product containing GMOs and it was the best decision of my life so far. I feel more energetic, within that year of stopping GMO's I haven't been sick. I don't feel groggy, it also seems like my allergies have lessened or went away as I was around a table chair area earlier this spring that was covered in pollen and I wasn't sneezing at all. It also seemed as if GMO products stunted my growth as I have grown 5 inches taller since I've stopped eating GMO products.

  • GMO's Are Poisonous.

    GMO Studies have proved GMO's to develop cancer and die faster then rats who arn't being fed GMO's If you actually do a little research you will see these kind of tests as a result of eating GMO's which arn't natural, i wonder who the idiots are who posted that they are benificial for Society and people....


    Genetically modified foods have ownership issues that together with enforced laws endanger our food supply. Crops have always had modifications to their genes, and gene sharing occurs among very different gene pools of organisms The problem without even going into whether or not the foods are healthy is that GMOs are considered intellectual property, and like a playboy that does not use condoms, the DNA travels freely. GMOs escape all over the place and when they do the lawyers descend on the unwilling farmers and take their resources -- perhaps through expensive legal battles, perhaps by plain and simple taking. We can't allow corporations to patent food, whether what they make for us is good or bad, because humans can't live on mud.

  • Genetically modified foods have no benefits to the consumer.

    Genetically modified foods are modified in order to make them more efficient for the producer to get them to market. Tomatoes stay fresh longer, cows are bigger, therefore producing a larger yield, and a large variety of other foods are also modified. These foods are not completely natural, and the flavour and nutritional value are compromised, for the sake of food producers making money more efficiently.

    Posted by: TaintedHamel
  • Genetically modified foods cost too much.

    It costs money to produce the chemicals for GMFs. The farmers don't have to pay much for the seeds yet, get a much bigger profit, which can leave less money for us. Also, GMFs can harm surrounding nature, so it could cost activist groups more to save animals, and could even cost the government more!

  • it's not worth it

    While some GMOs are helpful, many are very harmful, but every single one has been made in a laboratory. Many of these GMOs have been linked to Obesity and diseases such as Diabetes. Unless you buy food that says 100% Organic on the front of it, there is a good chance that it was made by scientists, not grown by farmers.

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Anonymous says2013-03-20T21:54:37.407
its serious people coul die from things like this where is the government when you need him
Onniesha says2013-04-24T18:37:15.940
Why would you eat something you don't know what's in it.
Quan says2013-06-05T18:58:06.633
Any time genetic engineering is mentioned, you know there's going to be a lot of fear mongering.

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