• They are modified for a reason.

    Whether it is to withstand drought and flood or to enhance its nutritional value, scientist are not modifying them just for fun, they did it to increase food availability around the globe. Places like africa where drought ravage countries, these modified crops will need less water and less care than the original organism. But I agree that they must be tested to ensure their safety.

  • Yes they taste yummy!

    They all taste good. No one can really tell the difference between modified food, and non-modified food. So why should we be making a big deal about it? Many foods are modified, and noone actually notices, we eat modified food every day, and do we complain that it doesn't taste good? No.

  • It is not safe to eat GMO foods

    We have no idea what people put in those foods. It might be a chemical that is very bad for our health. Even though the chemical might be bug-free, it might be even poison! As the first person said, Mosantos puts unknown chemicals to the food to make it bug-free. But not knowing what we are eating is very harmful.

  • We have no idea what we're eating!

    Of course genetically modified food is not good for you! Look up Mosantos for details. Mosantos is a company that relies on the blindness of consumers to make a profit by subjecting them to harsh chemicals that have been injected into the food we're eating. Genetically modified foods are the opposite of environmentally friendly. One of the most common genetically modified foods is potatoes, which have often been injected with jellyfish protein to look and taste better. Oh, sorry, I don't remember ordering seafood! My point is that we have NO idea what we're eating.

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