• Genetically modified foods are healthy.

    There is nothing inherently wrong with genetically modified foods. These foods can be made into products that might not be particularly healthy, but there are not any worse than their conventional counterparts. The reason that it is legal to buy genetically modified foods is because they are safe for human consumption,

  • No they are not

    Genetically modified foods are made in labs and therefore could pose a threat to some humans and the fact that is a new method means that there still has not been enough time to test it out and in fact the method is still under investigation and that is not safe.

  • Ummm no ,

    Its not real food, i mean its been grown out of chemicals, theres probably aloof hidden side effects and you probably won't get the right and original nutrients like normal fruits.This would also mean that average farmers would be out of job and increase poverty in country side, Its just not natural and the real effects would never turn up

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