Are genetically modified foods important in the fight against world hunger?

  • They Could Be

    There is one thing wrong with genetically modified foods that we need to answer and that deals with its safety. If it turns out that GMO's are actually just as healthy as natural foods, then by all means they will be very important to the fight against world hunger in the future.

  • GMOs are an important tool against hunger.

    There are too many people hungry, starving, and dying across the world for us to ignore the benefits of a powerful technology like genetically mutated organisms. Why not feed all of the starving populations with corn that is resistant to pests and disease, especially if that goal can be accomplished so easily?

  • Yes, I think geneticially modified foods are important in the fight against world hunger.

    I think the ability to be able to produce foods at a very low cost in all types of conditions is a net benefit to everyone involved, I think it will reduce world hunger but a meaingfull amount and lower the cost of food in general to everyone, I think we need to be sure these foods are safe to consume in both the short and long term though.

  • Genetically modified foods are important in the fight against world hunger.

    Genetically modified foods are important in the fight against world hunger. With genetically modified foods we have the ability to grow more crops and feed more people. This could help end the world hunger problem completely. I think genetically modified foods are very important and they can finally be able to give food to everyone.

  • Genetically Modified Foods Only Part of the Solution

    Genetically modified foods are important in the worldwide fight against hunger as crop yields need to be increased. Yet that is only one part of the solution. Food must be redistributed to the impoverished. There is plenty of food--the world simply needs to learn how to increase agricultural aspects of growing food on arable land. When agricultural activity increases, economic stability strengthens and war decreases.

  • Yes, they are important

    There is no reason why hundreds and thousands of people should die of starvation and medical problems due to malnutrition when we have the capabilities to feed everyone in the world with plenty left over. As long as the genetically modified foods are safe for human consumption we need them to fight world hunger.

    Posted by: jus
  • No

    Genetically modified foods and the whole GMO movement has nothing to do with world hunger. World hunger can be combated by teaching poor countries how to grow their own food if they have the means. GMO foods are not healthier, they are modified by doctors in labs to create more food to supposedly feed more people, but it's about money and cheaper production. It does not fight world hunger, rather put money on large companies pockets.

  • No, I do not think that GMOs are important in the fight against world hunger.

    I do not think that GMOs are important in the fight against world hunger. I think that while GMOs might help to reduce some problems and issues in some countries, it will never truly solve world hunger. I think that it will take too much fund and resources to use GMOs as well.

  • Food is available with GM products, distribution is the problem

    No, genetically modified foods are not important in the "fight against world hunger." Healthly, regular foods are available, but unfortunately it is not distributed to those that are in need. Instead infomercials that try to cipher money from the public are aired, while most of the funds line someone's pocket rather than feeding the hungry.

  • No GMOs are not important to the fight against hunger

    If anything they are detrimental to it, and to the health of people as a whole. They are designer foods, with hardly the same nutritional content as their regular counterparts, and sprayed with god only knows what to boot, so you not only get less nutrition, but also many poisonous chemicals with it. Sounds yummy right? So no GMOs are not important to the fight against world hunger at all, they do nothing for it in the end.

  • The fight against world hunger does not include genetically modified foods as a tool, because too little is known about them.

    While those who do it will have you believe that GMOs are safe and provide more nutrients than naturally grown foods, this is not true. We are just scratching the surface of what the impact of GMOs will have on the environment. Plus, it is better to teach organic gardening practices, rather than just giving people food, especially giving them GMO foodstuff.

    Posted by: PointlessElbert47

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