Are genetically modified foods safe for individuals to consume?

  • Genetically modified foods are safe because otherwise they would not be available and approved.

    As a society we continue to eat processed and enhanced foods. There are a variety of juices and drinks that we consume on a daily basis that are modified from their original form. As a result we have been consuming modified food for years. Genetically modified food can be developed to give us the essentials that we need.

    Posted by: AlricNic3r
  • Yes, genetically modified foods are safe for human consumption, as long as the proper safety procedures are followed.

    Genetically modified foods go through a "food risk assessment" to ensure their safety for consumption. Because the idea is so new though, no one can be 100% positive that they're completely safe. However, in following the right procedures and creating the food in a proper way, the food should be safe to consume.

    Posted by: Qu4ntBenj
  • Genetically modified foods are safe for individuals to consume because the foods have been tested for safety.

    Corporations that sell genetically modified foods have tested that the foods are safe for human consumption, thus they are safe for individuals to eat. To some degree, much of the food that people consume has been modified by chemicals or other means so genetically modified food really isn't all that different or inherently unsafe.

    Posted by: Sk8rChri
  • We have been genetically modifying food for thousands of years - now we just do it faster.

    At the level of DNA, there is no difference between food that is genetically modified by selection and crossbreeding, and food that is modified in a laboratory. For thousands of years mankind has been modifying their crops and livestock - choosing only the biggest, tastiest, etc. Now, we have the opportunity to directly modify the DNA, instead of modifying it through selection. The result is the same, but the process is much faster. In both cases, there is the potential for unintended consequences. Genes that cause corn to be bigger may cause it have less vitamins or genes that make beef more tender might increase the risk of heart disease, etc. GMOs are not radioactive - they won't directly cause cancer or birth defects. That doesn't mean they are completely risk-free, but they are almost certainly more safe than pesticides, herbicides, and other truly man-made substances.

    Posted by: Iuk45Grinder
  • People have the wrong idea about GMOs

    Most people are assuming that Genetically Engineered means shooting crops up with chemicals and pesticides to save money. It is really quite the opposite, as they are simply cross breeds and special DNA added to crops before they are even planted. If someone were to change an apples DNA before growing it to be bigger, it would biologically be a large apple. These genetic alterations have no affect on your body, because there is not an immediate effect.

  • We don't know in 100% certainty what will happen when we modify a species but..

    We will never know in 100% certainty what will happen when we modify a species, but we will know every possible outcome based on what genetic information we were attempting to splice in. For example with the Aqua Advantage Salmon which was just recently approved by the FDA after nearly 16 years of testing, we know we were attempting to splice in a specific gene from a specific animal to make them grow faster. If a mistake was made when splicing the gene, then the fish will inherit a gene that is very near the one which was intended to be spliced in and while this may cause some very weird things to happen to the fish, it will likely just be noticed quickly that something is wrong with this fish, if not, well it happens with all products, is the fault of being a human, we cant catch every mistake. Assuming we perfectly spliced in the genes we wanted to and didn't make a mistake, then it is perfectly safe. Saying a salmon is unsafe for consumption because it grows quicker than normal is like saying a chicken is unsafe for consumption because you'll grow feathers. It is a completely illogical argument that is made purely out of ignorance.

  • People have been doing this the long way for centuries

    Humans have been genetically modifying foods for centuries using domestication. For example, corn is by far one of the most useful foods on the planet; so easy to grow it helped Europe out of the dark ages. But corn wasn't always as useful as it is now. Look up "maize" without quotations in google images. It looks disgusting and hardly edible with barely any kernels, but it is corn's genetic ancestor. People chose the plants with the most kernels and used their seeds so the maize had more and more seeds every year, and eventually evolved into modern corn. What scientists are doing now is simply accelerating that process by adding genes to the plants directly instead of taking decades to find plants with valuable genes like longer shelf life or resistance to disease. There is no scientific evidence against GMOs, they have been proven over and over again to be safe to eat. They actually make food SAFER because less pesticides are needed to protect the plants made to be resistant diseases and bugs. The reason people are afraid of GMOs is because of companies trying to make money by advertising their food is safer while putting no effort at all into making their food safe. People SHOULD be against things like pesticides making some foods borderline carcinogens (for example, we have no idea of pesticides penetrate the peel of an orange because lobbying groups for companies are so focused on GMOs,) or pumping antibiotics into cows. With GMOs we may eventually not need these things but in order to help make our food safer and easier to grow we must put an end to scientific ignorance.

  • GMOs are safe to eat because they do not produce any harmful chemicals.

    GMOs are designed to provide more growth and nutrients (One negative said they don't provide nutrients). They can only hurt us if they produce a poisons chemical, and GMOs are usually made to give is more of what we need, not poisons. The only different thing would be the DNA, but consuming DNA cannot harm you - you body does not use the DNA. Also, technically, humans have been creating GMOs since they started farming, in fact, corn was selectively bred from a prairie grass, meaning this commonly consumed food is technically a GMO.

  • The people against GMOs have no clue what they're protesting against

    "Oh, I don't eat genetically modified plants because they are bad for my health". I seriously believe that people against GMOs have no idea what they are talking about. They just look at the word "genetically modified food" and instantly believe that it will poison or kill them. This is complete bias towards the hard work of the many dedicated men and women that develop them. Most of the overall negativity against GMOs food wise is "You shouldn't eat genetically modified food because it could have all sorts of unknown chemicals that can kill you". This is untrue. Most of the GMO's Encyclopedia and Wikipedia pages have a bunch of information regarding what they are made of and the safety concerns regarding them. And little to no hazardous chemicals go into creating true genetically modified foods (I said true because there are a lot of plants that have been genetically modified with chemicals, but don't technically count as GMOs). Some types of corn, for example, have been given a gene from a microscopic organism that gives them drought resistance. Of course, social media doesn't care about the truth or science behind it. "oh, I'll just say that they added the DNA of some poisonous plant or animal and say that millions of people have died because of it". It's junk like that which sends hundreds of stupid or foolish people nuts thinking that the food in their fridge is going to kill them. If you want to go against GMOs, fine. Just try to actually read up and learn more about how they are made and what they are made of before you start protesting about something that should be complimented instead of criticized.

  • Are GM foods a health risk ?

    There are certain risks surrounding the consumptions of genetically modified foods. These generally surround the use of various bacteria's in the construction of new strains of foods , which is consumes and potentially have harmful effect on humans .SO GM food have been a concern for many people around us.

  • I feel that genetically modified foods are unsafe to eat, because we as humans need proper nourishment.

    Using the internet I have discovered that all kinds of vegetables and other processed foods are full of mercury that over a period of time can cause brain function to decrease. Also it just seems odd that so many fruits are so large compared to the organically grown fruits.

    Posted by: NewtMyh3r0
  • These foods are not natural at all for the body to consume.

    Most of the time, foods that are rich in natural ingredients work best for your body. Modified foods can hurt you and are not well suited for anyone to absorb into their bloodstreams. The cost is more and for what?! I believe that it is a very smart idea to think natural and not eat what someone modified because it isn't natural.

    Posted by: waffletime
  • Genetically modified foods are tested by the Food & Safety Administration, whom I trust, which is why I believe they are safe to consume.

    The United States of America, has some of the highest standards, practices, and regulations governing our production and distribution of food. Currently, the Food Safety and Inspection Service has detected an Egg-Salmonella outbreak and is in the process of administrating a recall on the produce. Furthermore, our nation uses a tiered system, which starts with Federal standards, and then follows State and local standards. This method ensures the check & balances, maintaining multiple-person integrity over the food that is distributed to our consumers.

    Posted by: Asher Cummings
  • its too late

    every living thing on this planet is affected by gm wether organic or not, aluminium in the atmosphere has contaminated everything, hence the patent for aluminium resistant grain, I struggle to trust the fda based on their pathetic and cruel history, all food consumed on earth has been genetically modified at some stage in its life

  • Put your body first, don't trust scientifically altered food

    Genetically modified foods are altered by man and connot compare to any fresh unaltered produce. Genetically modified foods only add to the amount of artificial toxins in our bodies which are already had in axcess such as junk foods, tinned food, cereals etc. An altered source of food is the last thing the human race needs.

  • They're an unknown

    We still do not fully understand the effects that intentionally mutating an organism, at the genetic level (this is different to selective breeding) will have, especially on the human body. Some research claims they cause cancer and disabilities, other research claim they are fine. So, no, I do not think that we can say that they are 'safe'.

  • No. I don't think so...

    There are plenty of reason we should not be genetically engineering our food. I feel the main reason is because we know very little about the side-effects and it will be some time before we actually have proof that is has benefits to offer us. As it is, there are insects out there building resistance to modified food crops, thereby forcing us to create new methods of eliminating them. There's even some pests that are now completely immune to pesticides and other forms of treatment. All because we thought we could make a plant grow more efficiently. The Hopi Indians have grown corn in 6 inches of sand, with little rain in the SW part if the US for decades. Surely there are other methods of farming than genetically modifying crops to produce more.

  • I don't think that genetically modified foods are safe for individuals to consume because we don't know what is being used to alter them.

    Genetically modifying some food crops might unintentionally introduce a new allergen and in doing that people will be buying those foods unaware of what has been added and endangering their health or the health of their families. We also will not be prepared to treat those new allergens if we don't know what they are.

    Posted by: ender31444
  • Genetically modified foods are not safe for individuals because serious research has not been initiated.

    Genetically modified foods are not safe for individuals because genetically modified foods have not been in existence long enough for studies of long term side effects. In the past fifty years there has been a spike in autism, type II diabetes and obesity. These three spikes are similar to the spike in the availability of "diet" and "fat free" food and drink products. After two generations, we are aware of the spikes, but serious research has not been initiated. It will take generations to study the side effects of genetically modified food.

    Posted by: jackprague94
  • I think that genetically modified foods are not safe for consumption, because they put too many synthetic toxins in our bodies.

    Genetically modified foods are not safe for consumption, because they put even more synthetic toxins into our bodies on top of what we already consume from junk food (soda, candy, etc.). Humans should revert back to organic methods of growing their foods, because with the increase in hormones, pesticides, and whatever else is being used in our crops, we can see the effects by the multitude of health problems people are having and continually developing.

    Posted by: BDanielle

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