• They r safe

    Because science checks it first. Science is proven by science. Tamahtos are not dangerous. Karrots help u your eyes sight. Orangee is a happy color. Live love vegtables. I care about ur saftey. Only time will really tell. All food is safe no need to worry we have food police. All vegies need to be modifed becasue they r gross.

  • yes they are

    yes, i think that there is not a thing wrong with eating a food that has been fixed through genetics to be the best that it can be. I think that these foods are the same, just made so that they will be bigger faster and last a lot longer.

  • Yes, I think genetically modified foods are safe.

    While research is still being done on how safe genetically modified foods are in general what research has been completed has said that they are just as safe as naturally grown foods, I think in general providing a cheaper food without defects can be very good for everyone overall as long as it's found to be safe.

  • Its safe, but organic foods are still better.

    Eating genetically modified food is not going to kill you, but it's certainly more nutritious and healthier to eat organic food. Not to mention they taste better too. They generally taste fresher and all that jazz I don't feel like explaining.

    I'm generally referring to fruits and vegetables, but the same goes for animals. Farms usually pump them full of hormones, so meat will generally be faker and even more unhealthy. But, as I've said before: It won't kill you.

  • Yes, GMO foods are safe.

    I think that genetically modified foods are safe. There is a lot of press out there that wants the public to believe that such tactics in terms of producing food is harmful to the consumer, but there is not enough evidence to suggest that. I think that they are safe for the general public.

  • GMO's are safe for a few generations

    GMO's are not immediately dangerous. Those that eat GMO's see no significant side effects in their immediate life. There are studies that prove and disprove the idea that GMO's are altering how humans develop. Even then, the changes are subtle enough to not be noticed for a few generations. This all depends on how you label safe, and for who. Six generations from now, GMO's may not be safe.

  • Yes, at least up until now.

    We have always been eating genetically modified foods, even though they didn't really have a name prior to now. Foods have undergone many changes. As an example, tomatoes do not have to be red. They are that color through specific breeding that selected out for the color. But you can purchase other varieties and colors elsewhere. There are also crossbreeds, such as a cross between cauliflower and broccoli. That being said, once we start introducing unusual genes, such as through the lab, we don't really know if the resulting foods will be safe or not. Only time will really tell.

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