• Yes, They are.

    If someone can't even figure out how fill out a form to obtain photo ID, They shouldn't be voting in the first place. An educated and informed electorate is crucial for a functioning democracy. As far as I'm concerned, It's not a race specific matter.

    This article summarises my point of view:
    https://www. Nationalreview. Com/2021/04/why-not-fewer-voters/

  • They are fair

    Many many countries that have elections have stringent voter laws that are designed to prevent voter fraud and cheating. Why shouldn't America? Simple, The democrats need unsecure elections in order to "win"

    Democrats attack Georgia's and other States' voting laws because they are acutely aware that they cannot win legitimatly. The 2020 election was a mess, Ballots were being dumped in rivers, Voters were being bribed and intimidated, Trump votes "mysteriously" vanished and others switched to biden. There is massive evidence of fraud and that is because democrats are exploiting loopholes in the election system.

    And to any libsh! Its who want to make this a race issue, I got a surprise for you, I am Black! And I support Georgia's changes to voting. Why? Because I read it and it has absolutely nothing to do with race, Despite what the MSM claims

  • It's obviously fair.

    Well, The laws actually expand voting, Adding weekends before election day where people can vote early and expanding the hours that the polls are open so as to increase availability to the point where it's more open than Delaware or Vermont. It requires an ID, Which extremists may consider racist or classist, But with the array of less relevant things than voting that require an ID, Such as getting a drink or buying cigarettes, And the fact it prevents people from voting multiple times and illegally voting otherwise makes this group of objectors the controversial and, In my opinion, Wrong ones. There seems to be confusion over not being able to get water within some feet of the polls? This is simply untrue. You can bring water, A friend can get water for you, Or a poll worker can bring you water. The only ones not permitted to give you water or anything else are partisan workers. This is known as electioneering, And is illegal in many other places already. There aren't many other criticisms of the law besides the usual "racism, " which there isn't anything about race in the law.

  • I say no

    I do not know exactly what the law actually says, But if the MLB says it's bad, Then that sh1t must be straight up Nazi sh1t. I mean, Georgia just sucks balls at making voting laws, Am I right? That sh1t is fvcked up. Maybe I'll read it sometime (once I'm finished with the new Big Nate, Of course).

  • MBA feelings about it and availability

    It must not be that fair if MBA feels the need to move to another state even though it has nothing to do with the voting. Not only that but "Mail ballots accounted for 93. 9% of votes cast in Colorado during the 2020 presidential election. In Georgia, Absentee-by-mail ballots accounted for 26. 3% of votes, " and "Another aspect of the new voting law in Georgia is the availability of drop off boxes. The new law states one drop box must be available in every county. One additional drop box can be added for every 100, 000 active registered voters in the county or for every early voting location in the county, Whichever number is less. During last year’s general election, Colorado's secretary of state said there were 368 ballot drop boxes across the state, Equating to one drop box per 9, 400 active registered voters. "

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