Are German authorities doing enough to reduce sexual violence in the country?

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  • German authorities could do more to reduce sexual violence in the country.

    Following the New Years Eve attacks in Cologne, the German authorities handled the incident poorly. The comments from Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker that women should stay away from unknown men placing the blame on the victims demonstrates that the German authorities need to re-evaluate how they perceive and handle cases of sexual violence so it does not happen as frequently in the future.

  • any sexual violence is unacceptable

    Any unwanted sexual violence is unacceptable. It seems there is a lot of anger and frustration and fear. It's hard to tell how much of the violence is due to massive numbers of immigrants, but in any case, women need to be able to be safe and free from unwanted touching or groping.

  • Any is too much

    Although we must understand that some people cannot be influenced or helped enough, any sexual violence is too much. Educating children from a young age should be taught about the harm sexual violence can cause, and it's long lasting ramifications. It's not about looking for offenders, but preventing them from existing.

  • German Authorities Fail to Prevent Attacks of Sexual Violence

    With ongoing investigations, it still does not seem that the German authorities are taking the proper actions to reduce sexual violence in Germany. There seems to be much glossing over within the department, and there is not enough investigation into what is actually causing these attacks. Many believe that migrant men are often the reason behind sexual attacks, often those of refugees, who do not always understand European social norms. German authorities seem hesitant to accuse such men of these crimes, yet their hesitancy could result in continuous violence within the country. The New Years attacks on women in Cologne, Germany are proof of the dangers that exist. If the accusation of migrant men being the cause of these attacks is, in fact, correct, then the German authorities need to better discover this cause more quickly. The greater amount of time it takes to uncover the cause of sexual violence in Germany, the safer the population as a whole will be. The lack of legislation and hesitancy of action against those that commit crimes of a sexual nature reflect the inadequacy of the German authorities in addressing these important issues.

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